Finger mugging tattoos


I wonder if the fingertips’ owner considered the prospect of forever more being nagged by the subliminal impression of filthy fingertips…

Whenever the recipient of that tattoo isn’t crossing their fingers, they’re going to have what looks like Macbeth sitting on their fingers.

Whoops. I killed the king! Did I kill the king? I did. Hope no one notices. Oh, who’s this guy with the funny mask?



Usually I think of unhideable tattoos as something that leads people to a life of crime, not being able to be hired for a conventional job.

This sort of tattoo seems useful for jobs like “extortion-enforcer”

It’s entirely possible the owner of the tattoo works in a tattoo shop or has a boss who doesn’t hire based on external appearance, but rather on whether the applicant is qualified to do the job. Tattoos being a sign of societal unworthiness or moral degradation is a pretty dated concept.

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Totally stupid fingertip tattoo that rips off a clever(ish) idea that went around teh interwebs in 2011.


Don’t get tattoos like this, people. They’re shit and once you’ve got it you certainly aren’t gonna be the only one because tattooing something like this takes approximately zero skill, not to mention that most tattoo artists worth their salt would refuse to tattoo your finger tips as it’s an area where the skin in coarse (inconsistent for injecting the ink), constantly moving (won’t heal in a sharp manner) and constantly being worn.

I’m pretty sure that’s depicting a reach around, not a mugging.

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