Fish splooges on President Obama's shoes


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W.C. Fields is the first thing that comes to my mind.


That’s going to cause quite a diplomatic roe.


There is a reason salmon sperm DNA is a standard reagent in pretty much any molecular biology lab.

It is pretty easy to get a lot of it.


Reminds me of a comment that I read last night about being careful not to squeeze a kitten’s belly when you are attempting to administer anti-diarrhea medication…


I suppose there are crazier fetishes.


Thanks, Obama!


I envision some gop~teabagger binge watching this for eternity!


If that’s what he’s into, the fish would be better off moving to DC, though.


Splooge; 69; is this the president’s sophomore tour?


I warned you legalizing gay marriage was a slippery slope. Now we’ve got our president pleasuring fish!


Can’t say I blame the fish. I too thought he was a pretty suave dude when I saw him in person a few years ago.


Louie: Hey I thought you said Troy McClure was dead.
Fat Tony: No, what I said was, “he sleeps with the fishes.”


Also from this tour… a gif from the Jezebel story about it:


I’ve seen worse…


“Woah – I was Lewinsky’d.”


He was on the receiving end, wasn’t he Bill-ed?


One little thing that he did up there…


That was some great writing by wonkette! I’m checking the site.


Could someone clarify: I swear it sounds like, at about 25 seconds in, he says, “That’s my fucking fish right there!”