Fish suddenly eats tankmate


Came here for that! I am not disappointed.


This was, like, “eating Nemo.”



As it turns out, my wife knows all things aquatic. The other fish is most likely a feeder. Sorta like a mouse for a python.


Its possible to watch the animal torture videos and still eat meat, feel remorse, and still be upset by a snuff film made and distributed for entertainment. Life is full of hypocrisy, not that surprising.


There is a metaphor for our modern life somewhere in this…


Carpe Carpam


If I’m “squeamish” why would I do that? Would it cure my squeamishness? Would it make me less of a hypocrite in your eyes? Make me less likely to interrupt your mood when watching animal snuff movies?

Or possibly turn me vegan, so that I will become more likely to bother you with outraged preaching whenever you come into contact with animals or their products? We have enough of those folks, and you want to make more? What are you, some kind of masochist?


That the plain and boring-looking, but actually more powerful and efficient Putin is going to totally pwn the flamboyant orange one when they meet?


I’ve bought feeder fish before, back when they were ten cents apiece. They were never more than two and a half cm long, and they didn’t have fancy colors. If this is a feeder fish, that’s one hell of a fancy diet for a catfish.


Yeah, right? Especially because it would take days, and sustaining that level of fear for such a long time isn’t healthy.


feeders today tend to be minnow types (all silver), standard feeder goldfish (generally plain orange), or feeder guppies (multicolor - higher nutrition content). In this case its a large gulper and they do need larger portions.

Assuming the large goldy was put in there to be eaten.


Not all vegans preach. Many of us don’t bring it up (yeah, you got me, I’m vegan) because it is a personal choice. For every vegan who gets in your face, there are surely many, many more vegans out there who are quiet about it.

Back on topic: Seamus makes a good point that the fish tank in the video is small because it is a good way to feed one’s fish. No problem there. I would hope that the videographer would put a note to that effect on the video so that the viewer knows there is a reason for the set-up.


as I delved into the world of gulpers, the real question here is…why keep one? Normally most fish are kept because of how pretty they are, soothing when schooling and such. These don’t fit the bill for that and their gluttony would get rather expensive quickly.


We once had a large tank with two red ear slider turtles as the main inhabitants. We started the tank with feeder goldfish to cycle it, and knew that at one point, the turtles would be big enough to eat them, although we weren’t certain they would if well enough fed.

All was good for about a year, and they were all happy tank mates. Both turtles and goldfish grew to several times their original size. Then one day, a turtle discoverd that the fish were not only pets, but meat meals. Within 24 hours, we went from fifteen 4" fish to zero. It was absolute carnage in the tank, with fins and tails scattered everywhere. I’m pretty sure that the concept of “save one for later” is not hard wired into the turtle brain.


Dogs and cats are fine eating dead things. Plenty of other animals, including various species of fish, are live-eaters. Go to any aquarium store and they’ll have a tank or two of “feeder” small goldfish just for this purpose.


That would be a Gritty Reboot™ worth watching.

Next time on The Odd Couple. Oscar has pushed Felix to the limit many times. What will happen when he gets pushed too far? (Felix is shown carefully removing a fingerprint smudge from a shotgun with a perfectly pressed hankerchief.)


I admit to getting a bit of a snort-laugh out of imagining the news cycle reaction if Putin were to spontaneously unhinge his jaw and swallow Trump whole on camera. I’m sure Fox would find a way to spin it as Obama’s fault.


We’d only get to see the Russian state media version though. Trump ain’t gonna let our journalists into any meeting they have.


Im now that way with any carniverous pet.
It began when growing cultures of fruit flies for our dart frogs, carefully mixing their food, keeping their environments clean and tidy, minding their breeding cycles… you know… CARING for the flies. We would then dump the flies into a supplement powder which of course coated them and made them temporarily unhappy, and while they sat there stunned and likely choking, they would be picked off by the frogs. After a while we both grew tired of harvesting even these tiny insects just for our pets.

Then our cats were having problems with store bought food so we began making our own out of ground turkey and fish, taking that food out of the human chain. We would source as much free parts as we could from local butchers and got a meat grinder and a deep freezer and such, but the problem remained that grain was being grown to feed livestock to feed our fucking pets? Feels glutonous, or irresponsible.

So yeah, i have even less of an appetite for a carniverous pet which apparently contributes very little other than some people find its voracious appetite entertaining.


In Russia, fish eats you?

“In a failed show of strength President Trump today foolishly inserted himself inside President Putin, and was accidentally digested. Russia regrets this American folly, which was totally unexpected and will return the remaining bits when they are spat (or shat) out.”