Fish suddenly eats tankmate


The shadows on the tank floor disagree with you.


LOL. Please show your work.

Calculating volumes from cast silhouette shadows through a refracted medium is near impossible for a human. the number of frames you’d have to analyze and the math would take very good computers and crazy math and programming skills, this isn’t the movies. also, you can see the fish themselves, calculating volume off of their shadows when you can see them directly is just stupid.

Fortunately the human brain is good enough to be able to look at something like these fish directly, and tell their size based on visual information it has experienced with previous exposure to fish or similar objects using soft fuzzy matching. hurray wetware. Without doing the math you can clearly see volume difference in the fish. the taller narrower profile of the koi might throw a few of the weaker brains off, but most people should be able to clearly see the size difference by just looking and not doing shadowmaths…lol.

it is sweet people are worried the catfish ate too much…a lot of people here super worried the catfish might get tummy trouble from such a big meal. there was a smaller option in the tank. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and this certainly was far from a dangerous sized meal.

speaking of meals, catfish is delicious, koi is too oily, i’m not a huge fan of carp for eating. in nature this was simply a food chain upgrade for the next thing in line.

both catfish and koi can and will eat themselves to death in certain circumstances, because that is how they are programmed by nature ironically, no help from humans needed.

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