Fishbone performing "Lemon Meringue" live (1993)

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slow fishbone is underrated.

somewhere on this board, I am on record as commenting that I love this song. that barry sax was mic’d a bit loud. the LP version is an alto, I think.

another ill fishbone slow jam

the baddest band in the world, ya heard?


Saw them a few times in the 80s and damn if they didn’t put on some intense live shows!


I don’t know if you were around the ATL back when 99X was still on air, but do you remember the lunch time show, the House of Retro Pleasure? The best week was always halloween, and he’s always play Party at Ground Zero… I actually miss that show a good bit.

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are they not still on? I know I saw advertising for it. I never went to our X station because we had 2 college stations–HAD! :fist:

Loved the hell out of Fishbone shows, and nobody rocks the pocket trumpet like Walter.


I think maybe their online, but last I saw, they didn’t do the retro show - the guy who did it left.

But yeah, I’m still bummed about WRAS, too! :frowning:

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