Fistfight between two female flight attendants forces pilot to make emergency landing


Do they have chances to start a media career as two fight attendants?


The weasely part of this is that not only were the two flight-fighters were removed from the fight, but also the hapless bystander who tried to break things up. For “questioning and a statement”. Which totally screws up your life and travel, but hey . . . TSA!


Wait I was wrong, this is the original…



Probably the whole conflict on the plane could have been avoided if they’d just had more bananas.


Would it be better if they were used as weapons?


you know, i saw the headline yesterday and i first thought, “attendants in a fist fight? no, that can’t be right. it must mean that they were STOPPING a fist fight…” guess i was wrong.


“Thank you for flying BoingBoing Airlines. In lieu of our regular in-flight entertainment, we are offering this banana. Just look at it.”


Don’t talk about flight club.




Flying steampunk banana ship at burning man, I think we are getting close.


Welcome to your first flight on Delta Airlines!


Well, it’s hard for one stewardess to have a fight. Ask a silly question…

Seriously though, I can’t think of a reason other than maybe Mark originally considered two stewardesses then changed it. Which raises the question, would you have asked if he had written stewardesses instead? I’m not criticizing you, I’m just curious.

Possibly the preference is to be called flight attendants. Personally, I think steward/stewardess sounds slightly more bad-ass, but that’s just me.


This. This is exactly what’s wrong with sexism and male privilege in the world.

Why did the headline specifically say “two female flight attendants”?

Why not just say “Two flight attendants?”

Seriously people, can’t you even think beyond your testicles?

If you STILL don’t get it, why wouldn’t the headline say

  • “Two white flight attendants…”
  • “Two young flight attendants”
  • “Two tall flight attendants”

No, the author choose to put, IN THE HEADLINE, their gender. WHY?


Because it runs contrary to expectations, in a man bites dog sort of way?


Because it’s unusual for females to engage in fist fights, I am guessing.

< ducks >


This would never happen on JetBlue. They don’t have directs from LAX to MSP.


Is “female flight attendants in fistfight on plane” really that much more unexpected than “male flight attendants in fistfight on plane”?

I don’t think so. The contrary-to-expectations part here is the fact that they were on-duty flight attendants, not that they were female.

The gendered headline is there for juvenile titillation value. It’s a relatively minor offence as these things go, but it’s still a fail.


Female…male. What’s the dif? If they simply served popcorn, the flight could have just continued on to its planned destination.