FLDS pedophile Warren Jeff's compound is a B&B


Your B&B is in another compound. This is a photo of an older Warren Jeffs compound down the street from the one that is now a B&B. Last year I photographed the compound before it was converted to a B&B: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/56223822-78/compound-flds-jessop-former.html.csp

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Great photos! I updated my post with a photo from the hotel web site. Thanks!

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What are their policies on parties who leave bad Yelp reviews?


So he’s an apostate who refused to blindly follow his pedophile “leader”, then, thumbing his nose, bought the compound with money he got from the “church” in a lawsuit, and now is doing charitable things with it (as well as running a business, which seemingly mocks his former leader).

I say Kudos to this guy. He’s got to have enemies a plenty from the faithful. Hope he does well.


Er, uhm, “…A Story of a Violet Faith”? What does this mean?


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