Local media backs up Gadsden residents' reports on Roy "Banned from the Mall" Moore


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So many liberal media sleeper agents, lurking for decades in our small towns, waiting for the perfect opportunity to spring on innocent victims like Roy.




I prefer the sequel, Fifty Shades of ‘alright, alright, alright’.


Awwe, that’s okay, he’s just a good ole boy.


"Banned from the Mall"

How low will the TGOP go?


Man, that’s a depressing-looking shopping mall.


A… “lounge”? I am cautiously intrigued.


You’ve always been the brave one…


Sure - I’ll bet they’re all really from Kenya…


And they say Democrats can’t play the long game.


It’s approaching the point where I’m starting to wonder if there’s a “Good Ol Pedophile” club in the area he belongs to, because it’s damned suspicious how the guy keeps getting booted out of positions and then sliming back into new ones. It’s not screaming “group of powerful pedos” yet, but it sure is whispering it pretty loud.


I can’t think of a single shopping mall that isn’t depressing.


What’s another word for “old boy” again?

Oh yes: Adult man. What a creep.


Ye Fellow Upstandingly Moral Religious Patriarchs - anyone who makes such a giant deal about other people’s morality is possibly child molesting, probably having dangerous sex with male prostitutes, and for sure at least cheating on his wife. I’m sure they have their little networks of understanding.

He’s also a Vietnam vet (Army Captain), so there’s another possible network of people who’d Semper Fi (yes I know that’s Marines).


Quite the sign. Fox News is saying reasonable things about the situation:

To make the conspiracy theory work, the plot has to keep growing.

Nailed it! I wish this was put forth as a common way of measuring your conspiracy theory: If the conspiracy has to keep growing in response to criticisms, it has a vanishingly smaller chance of being true.

Conservatives can’t chortle at every Harvey Weinstein who goes down, but circle the wagons around a conservative folk hero. It makes a mockery of conservativism’s claim to moral high ground.

None of this amounts to proof beyond reasonable doubt, but Alabama voters don’t have the luxury of waiting for certainty. We need to form a judgment based on incomplete evidence. Given what we know, we have every reason to believe the women’s charges.

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat asked what would have happened if Moore had confessed, asked forgiveness, and humbly placed his fate in the hands of voters…It’s sound spiritual counsel, and I think it would have worked politically.

Given the conservative slant, actually a pretty good piece.


Well, someone from Fox News is. But I imagine the written word from Fox is aimed at a different audience than the tv rants and morning shows. I’m not expecting Sean Hannity to come out swinging at Roy Moore any time soon.


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