Florida Congressman: Trump’s border wall is “metaphor for border security”


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/08/03/florida-congressman-trump.html


No, no… not metaphor. What’s that other thing that reads the same forwards as backwards?


With sun beams of course! :sunny:


Fixed that for the congressman


Trump supporter: “Trump means what he says.”

Trump 'splainer: “Trump doesn’t mean what he says. It was a metaphor.”

Trump supporter: “I don’t know what a metaphor is.”


Are the advance teams also tearing up metaphorical wildlife sancturaries and wilderness areas in the border country? (e.g. the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge.)




I am a lot more comfortable asking Mexico to pay for a metaphor.


OK, let’s be clear, this guy does not speak for Trump, he’s just a congressman from Florida and not part of Trump’s cabinet. . .

unless this message actually resonates with the public, then he totally nailed it and it’s exactly what Trump meant.


By building more coal-powered plants, of course. Coal is derived from decaying plant matter, plants need sunlight to grow, ergo coal plants are solar.

(If some senator or congressperson hasn’t actually made this argument already, I am certain it’s only a matter of time.)


Someone on FB told me this. I was like, “Uh, it might be for YOU. Maybe it even is for Trump. But for A LOT of people, they are expecting a physical wall.”


What’s a metaphor?

It’s a DC thing. Sort of like a “mutant” in Marvel.


The solar panels are allegorical… of… something.


How about this:

Build a few miles of wall in each state, a few miles from towns that need a boost in tourism.

Pave a road to each wall segment. At the end, there’s a parking lot with a picnic ground, a souvenir stand selling Trump branded crap, and a gold statue of Trump you can pose next to for photos.

Bonus: Set the wall a few miles in from the border. On the “Mexican” side, set up a fake no-mans land littered with blackened skeletons, burnt-out wrecked catapults, and abandoned bales of drugs. For an extra charge, you can take an elevator to the top of a platform and use one of those coin-up binoculars to survey the blighted faux-Mexican landscape.

This will satisfy the bloodthirsty bigots and give locals employment and communities tax dollars.


You know what? That metaphor just got ten feet taller.


Again, Florida-borne shit.

It’s that type of thing that’s fueled the bizarre notion that we never landed on the Moon. Cape Canaveral, you know.


I think what he’s trying to say is that the true barrier cutting us off from our neighbors is really something that exists within our own hearts. It’s like the ending of How the Grinch Stole Christmas but with a fucked-up moral.


“Fuck you tRump” is really a metaphor for “Fuck you tRump”…


Oh Florida (congress) Man, never go changin’


Evil Don nod live