Florida governor DeSantis revokes Hyatt Regency Miami hotel's liquor license for hosting "A Drag Queen Christmas"

As much as I dislike the Megacorp that Disney has turned into, they are (at the moment) the lessor of two evils- they just want your money, MoRon wants genocide and a fascist nation.


True to a degree. Let’s not forget that if the fascist screw were turning in their (profitable) direction, they’d be fully along for the ride.


Yeah Ron, FAAFO.


I’m not surprised that this little man with his little bit of power has turned to this.

All of you thinking about voting for this man, remember, he will come for you and your business if you step on the wrong side of his orthodoxy…because people like him never, ever, never stop…they have to keep finding new “enemies” to forment the unrest and fear they thrive, feed off of.

Be very, very afraid if this man gets the Presidency.


can’t find a good link, but florida is declining medicaid expansion so, with the federal covid protections ending, a lot of families are about to lose healthcare coverage

de santis definitely doesn’t care about kids. ( power on the other hand… that he likes )


I dunno - are there queer (or brown) people in those movies/video games?

Yeah, people talk about the hypocrisy of Republicans wrt. their claims about “protecting children” (in that they only seem to care about drag queens and not gun violence, healthcare, child labor laws, etc.) but they don’t give a shit about the kids. It’s not that they’re hypocrites, it’s that they’re liars - they misrepresent their desire to maintain the (patriarchal, racist) status quo as “protecting the children,” and we make a mistake by accepting that framing in the first place.


yup. they’re harming and threatening to harm children as a warning to keep the parents in line.

classic double speak, and the meaning is clear on a visceral level: if they’re willing to target children, they will target anyone.


And yes, they will target anyone. This should serve as a reminder to the Kapos and Quislings in their ranks, but it won’t.


…are dead to me.
just so we’re clear.


I’m still waiting on the assault rifle crew (pizza shop reference…) to show up at the Catholic church looking for the child abusers, but instead they just keep showing up every Sunday with their kids!



Is this the Pritzker Family like the Pritzker Illinois Govenor? To say the name is to detonate republican heads in illinois. Their hatred of him is wonderful thing, they froth at the mouth, take names in vain, it’s fun to watch.


Yes, indeed, it’s those Pritzkers. JB has done a much better job than most of us who voted for him expected. He landed just in time for Covid and the state handled the public policy part quite well. If he was to run, I’d probably vote for him in the primaries.


When GW Bush was elected I thought, “It can’t get worse than this.”

When Trump got elected I thought, “Okay, it’s much worse.”

Now with DeSantis as we see that the GOP has the ability to continually dig deeper holes.


He’s done remarkably well, not only meeting all his big campaign promises (including a marijuana reform/purge that has been copied by other states), but handled the COVID maze amazingly well, including orchestrating a PPE purchase like a spy movie in a McDonald’s parking lot to avoid Trump seizing it. Really.

Was far from my preferred D candidate originally but his solid performance had him move to a fairly solid win in November. I’m not sure if he’s got the chops for the national stage though. I think, given the choice, that I’d take Newsom over Pritzker, if nothing else because JB’s been really good for Illinois after a highly painful 4 years of R leadership.


“It can always get worse” is an important life lesson, but yeah, I remember that feeling too.


… they are, but we don’t hear about it because basically nobody cares what they think anymore

They were supplanted as the intellectual vanguard of the Republican Party long ago by the neocons and then recently by the alt-right


I find it ironic that they need a charitable foundation to prop up their magazine.


It’s bankrolled by right-wing billionaires, so they’re OK with it. Reason is the Kochs’ “hip, rock-‘n’-roll” outlet attempting to sell their garbage ideology to younger people.


Is that what that is? I got a couple issues randomly in the mail a few months ago. I tried reading it but it was so poorly written — lord, was it poorly written — that I tossed it in the recycle.