Florida man loses beer


Link to Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/florida-man-calls-911-missing-beer-article-1.1816420

It sounds like all the beer disappeared into his bloodstream.

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Yet another day in the life of the world’s worst superhero!



Lately, it seems that every link in a Boing Boing article sends the person to Discussion rather than the original citation.

I’ll have what he’s having. Make it a double.

So in the second hour of his calling 911, and after the cops had already “called out” to his house to tell him not to continue calling 911, he was able to call 911 several times within the next two hours? I kinda thought that the second warning of “Don’t call 911 for [insert inane reason here]” would land someone in the pokey…


It’s Friday, how about reporting a feel-good story rather than just more news of tragedy and sorrow?

But it’s Florida Friday!

Have a little respect here, THE MAN LOST HIS BEER for goodness sake.


You know what sucks worst? You call 911 seven times over a lost beer, then fall asleep with a lit cigarette…

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Seems like a global phenomenon…

Understandable, I mean, who hasn’t been short-changed on the sprinkles front.

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