Florida man pulls out AR 15 replica at McDonalds because the restaurant had no ice cream



This is the entirety of how the AP piece should read:

Building on his reputation as The World's Worst Superhero, Florida Man pulled out his AR-15 replica at a Delray Beach McDonald's drive-through because the soft-serve machine had run dry. His arraignment on several counts of aggravated assault is scheduled for early next week.


How does one even function with impulse control that poor?


An AR15 replica. Fitting, since McD ice cream is also something of a replica.


sounds reasonable.


What happened to the "Florida Gentleman… " moniker?

I was a bit miffed at the local coffee shop when the young person on cash was momentarily perplexed when I handed over 12 dollars for a 6.35 dollar purchase… although the total due displayed on the computer terminal monitor dispelled any further confusion. Perhaps it is fortunate I am not a Florida resident.


Gentlemen do not wield replica weapons. How gauche.


Now that @Mindysan33 mentioned the little happy bugs bunny I can’t unsee it. It IS the best part!


You’re welcome! :wink:


I feel like we need a larger topic thread that’s just the latest ridiculous shit from Florida




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