Florida man washes ashore in a human-size hamster wheel

Everyone in Newfoundland can tell him that.

"If your home you wish to see
Get some navigational training and a proper boat, dumbass."


As long as he is never charged with a crime, and never forced to reimburse his rescuers, I see no reason for him to not continue doing it until he eventually dies.
It’s fun to live in a world where actions have no consequences!

Aim for NYC, get to oceanfront libertines ready for rapid recovery. Someplace people stare out at the breakers and rehearse “That’s no buoy!” Though…not sure what might be expected if landing in Haiti. (We’re gonna need a bigger granola bar?)

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Did Jesus have a floating hamster wheel? Maybe that’s how he did it.

run Florida Gump run!!!

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This is like setting your house on fire repeatedly because you like to watch the spectacle of firefighters rolling up and putting it out. At some point I feel like doing something this stupid and needing to get bailed out by first responders (who endanger themselves in the process) this often becomes abuse of the system. Maybe time to charge him with reckless endangerment or something. Non-felonious, but enough to send the message, “dude- fucking stop it”.


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