Florida reports a massive surge in new covid-19 cases

I know that.

But the point of flattening the curve was to get the hospitals and ICUs and others to build the strength and resources to sustain the infection rate. There was always going to be a point where we opened things back up and it curved back up. The goal was to make it so it doesn’t grow up to unsustainable rates.

The time for flattening the curve is basically over. It’s now time to reopen and keep resource utilization under the line. Clearly we’re not doing that well.

It does.

There are nurses and other frontline workers who have had it and returned back to duty and haven’t come down with it again, despite working in even MORE full covid wards. Obviously the papers are still going through peer review on this large group of people, but at this point it’d be very obvious if reinfection were a thing because we’d hear of front line workers getting it a second or even third time.


I haven’t been keeping up on this, but I don’t think it’s so clear cut as, “get it and then you’re immune.”


If I may make a modest proposal: fund the hospital care of Florida’s stricken by offering people the opportunity to pay $10 and punch Ron DeSantis right in the nuts.

Right in the nuts


Yikes. I’ve seen references to a Quarantini…I’m not sure I want to know what’s in it. :cocktail: :grimacing:


The Onion has a list of Quarantine drinks: https://www.theonion.com/11-simple-cocktails-recipes-to-try-while-quarantining-1843608436


I think it’s because to be a cave diver and not die you have a responsible person, and going there with such crowds during pandemic is practically definition of irresponsibility.


Here in Houston, which is exploding like Florida, the ICU capacity will be overwhelmed in less than 2 weeks at the current trajectory. This is coming from the world’s largest medical campus; not many other places can just add 900 emergency ICU beds which is how Houston will handle the next 10 days. The July forcast is terrifying for Florida, Texas, and several other states


I was under the impression that they walked those claims back and blamed the first negatives on faulty tests.


Or it’s hitting positives on dead virus material:


“We have liftoff!”

That’s the conclusion I’ve come to as well. That said, I’ll continue to wear a mask when out until I have it, I guess.

It’s the tactic that has the Presidential seal of approval.


Frankly, alcohol is the one thing we know for sure STOPS the virus, so…


Oh, good. Like I said, I hadn’t been keeping up.
Still, I’d rather not get it. I don’t want anyone to get it. I know a few people who have, and even though they weren’t hospitalized, it sounds awful. One of them has Lyme’s disease and has been taking a really long time to get back to her old, already reduced energy levels.
And this is coming from someone who never used to get flu shots. I’ve changed my tune. If there are enough to go around, I’ll take one next year, for sure!


wait 'til you see hospitalizations in three weeks, it’s a lagging indicator (and they may even be tampering with that number now)

deaths sometimes takes over a month to catchup even after that three weeks

but hey Disney World is still right on track to open July 11th


But alcohol is a disinfectant. If bars can be open, that should be the only thing they can serve.

Does your company cover suicidal behavior?

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The media was saying that Covid would be gone this summer-heat and humidity would stifle it…what happened??

The media says unsupported crap every minute of every day…it must be exhausting to fabricate that often!


CDC: “I found it hard; it’s hard to find.”

Pence: “I’m worse at what I do best; and for this gift I feel blessed”

‘Liberate’ protestors: “Load up on guns and bring your friends; it’s fun to lose and to pretend.”

Karen: “She’s over-bored and self-assured.”

Spring Break: “A mosquito; my libido, yeah”

Ron DeSantis: “With the lights out; it’s less dangerous.”

Florida: “I feel stupid and contagious; here we are now, entertain us.”

Ron DeSantis: “Oh well, whatever. Never mind.”

Experts everywhere: “A Denial, A Denial, A Denial, etc.”

Does that cover everyone?


No it won’t. It will be years with millions of dead in the US alone. And a collapsed healthcare system. And widespread hunger and rioting (for real. What we have now are protests, not riots. Starving people do not just quietly lay down and die.) No, it will not burn out quickly. Next option, please.


What media said THAT?

The media I’ve been watching have been screaming that this is an issue for a long time. It was blossoming in countries south of the equator … you know, during their summer?