Florida woman taken to hospital with shark still attached


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Was the shark ok, though?


Shark was fine.


It seems to me a shark bite is one of those things that must suck a lot at the time, but years later must be a great tavern story. “Oh yeah? Look at THIS


Ok, I know I replied and it completely disappeared just a few seconds later. Something hinky is going on here. @codinghorror


Shark taken to Hospital with Florida Woman still attached.

That just has a better sound to it.


So attached sharks are still something they’ll remove without a mandatory waiting period, some ‘counseling’ bullshit, and a sonogram?



How to Cook Nurse Shark Meat



I bet it tastes like chicken!


This. This is the kind of shit I worry about whenever a new “shark attack” movie or story comes out.


I recently saw a “factoid” that being bitten by a shark is as likely as being struck by lightning twice.

That “Florida Woman” better invest in more tinfoil hats!


In Soviet RussiaFlorida, you don’t beat the odds. The odds beat you.


POINT / SET / MATCH! Sir or Madam.


The odds… is that what cops down there are called now?


Hopefully there is a nice sushi place near the hospital so it doesn’t go to waste.


I just cannot stand a needy Florida Man.