'Flynn Doesn't Matter,' says TPM's Josh Marshall, 'This Is About Trump'

Interesting who’s calling it a “political assassination” as the party line.

But her emails!


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Well, wouldn’t the answer to that be the american peop… oh. Right. :neutral_face:


They answered to Donald J. Dumbass Trump


which sounds like it must all be true. otherwise they’d be lies, not leaks.

basically, 45 didn’t fire flynn when 45 knew the facts. flynn left or got booted only when the public knew the facts.



The best was the “why is the NSA wiretapping a US citizen” argument that flared up briefly.

Like, dude, wiretapping the Russian Ambassador is pretty much the entire reason for the existence of the NSA.



This shit is so bewildering to a child of the 70’s who lived through the 80’s when “Communist Mother Russia” was our country’s biggest ‘boogeyman’…


Being an European, I vividly remember being caught in between. Pershing II on the one side, and SS20 on the other.

This cruise missile reports from Russia already made me itchy. Poland and the Baltic states never stopped being itchy. And we don’t need to talk about Ukraine right now. Only yesterday, Mad Dog Mattis told NATO partners to put more money on the table. Nobody in their right mind believes that the US would reduce their own military budget if France, Germany and the UK would top up theirs.

Fuck this shit. There are no bogeymen. They are just disguised people, trying to conjure up fear.
So far, they are doing a good job.


From the guy who turns TSC briefings and policy discussions on North Korea into a floor show for the entertainment of paying customers at Versailles his resort.




All through my childhood there were bombers with nuclear weapons continuously flying. I remember the eighties. The USSR had 65 tank divisions. NATO had 8, and many of them had such fancy engines that they had to be swapped out within 12 hours because they would use all the fuel in forward positions. The USSR had something like 2 million troops in forward positions with another 2.5 million within a day’s travel. They were probably not all willing sacrifices for Global Communism, they were just regular guys who had to stand pointing in the other direction. But the numbers stacked up: any reasonable model of how a European war would turn out had us pressing the nuclear button first because we were losing so badly within 24 hours. Given the octogenarians that were in charge (we all mis-read Andropov), it seemed they might want to write their names on the book of history, maybe somewhere on the the last page, where everyone sees it.

Upping the NATO spending by any practical amount would never have closed the gap. Where are those numbers these days? Nope, all bogeymen. Ukraine & Crimea? The history is so much more complicated than the simple idea that Russia must have took them from Someone. Remember the Odessa Steps scene from ‘Battleship Potemkin’? That was part of Tsarist Russia. Before then, it was part of the British Empire. Germany hasn’t been Germany that long. It’s complicated. It’s always complicated. Anyone who says it is easy is up to something.

Guys out there. We have peace. We have had it for many years. Many of you may be too young to remember the perpetual threat of war. Just, don’t screw it up, okay?


If it’s any consolation, the Russian tanks had a much shorter effective range.

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Being born in '75 in the States, I was only tangentially aware of how scared all the adults seemed back then; mostly it came across subliminally via the pop culture and media.

I know that; hence my use of the term as pejorative to attempt to describe how fear has been used as a tool to control the masses.

Same as it ever was.


I remember ‘duck and cover’. We didn’t go under our desks however. We went into the hallways and did it by the lockers. Which actually made sense, since this was Tulsa. Tornado Alley. With tornados, duck and cover made complete sense.


Which includes his entourage, also the Secret Service detail.

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It’s not just the guys out there. It is us.
It is our belief in representative democracy, in the power of negotiations, diplomacy, international multilateral cooperation and contracts. It is who we vote for and what we stand up for. It is our engagement in the public space, in the community, and, FFS, maybe even ‘on the internet’.

That said, I already withdrew from all larger social networks because I couldn’t cope with the amount of polarisation. (And with the constant TL-stream of truely scary trumpism, brexitism, Front-Nationalism, and *‘Merkel muss weg’*ism. I came for fast news, I left when to much ‘news’ was turning into propaganda.) I went over to other outlets, and forums.

I think I will stop that, too. And I’ve been online for the better part of my life, since usenet and FIDO.


Limbaugh on Flynn Resignation: ‘The Question Is What Did Barack Obama Know and When Did He Know It?’

I see Limbaugh is back on the crazy pills.


Hmm. You are all out there from where I am sitting. There are only a few people in here with me. I had not thought that we are all in BoingBoing. It is a valid interpretation, but not one I had anticipated.

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We went to the basement of our elementary school in 1969, when we had a bombing drill. I was five at the time.

Remember those “Civil Defense Shelter” signs that were on every public building?


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