Food studio that makes edible fireworks, four-ton punchbowls, and floats a steamship in 55K litres of green jelly


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isnt this just a waste of food?


What a couple of pretentious frauds. I don’t care how many Jello molds they design or how many gallons of cognac they flood a room with, they’re not doing anything that’s truly interesting. It’s clearly not about the food for these two – even they admit that food is only about 20% of what they do. Rob Cornelius’s comment was spot on: this is just a waste.

If you really want to see what food artistry at its highest levels looks like, consult the work of Ferran Adria, Heston Blumenthal, or Grant Achatz.

Why’s it a waste? Why does it have to be ‘about the food’?

It’s an experience and a performance. They are designers who use food. Not chefs it seems. If they are successful enough to employ 10 staff and are working out of a location near the City they must be doing something right to earn that sort of money.

It’s pretty cool (although they probably aren’t the best spokespeople on camera for what they do).

I just wonder how all they make enough money to employ ten poeople and what kind of things are their routine jobs that earn them the cash.

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