For when you need a Spaghetti Western rickroll


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Do have a listen to his bluegrass Star Wars medley as well!


What were their guitars plugged into out there in the swale?


If anything about this appeals to you, check out Six String Samurai:



Eh. I like these guys, but this song doesn’t really work for me. The Rick just swallows up all the Western.


Mana-toe-ba…such a land of wild enchantment…


Really? I think he did a great job curling it back on itself–it never got too peppy. Just the right amount of gristle and twang.


As far as keeping the song recognizable i think it does a good job but it doesn’t really go full western for me. The melodies and how the instruments are being played don’t quite work for me as a western, it’s western-like. Not the same thing.

I’m not a musician so i don’t want to throw out a suggestion on how it could have been done better.


Needs more oo-ee-oo-ee-oo.


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