Poster for an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie


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Yes I would go see that!


Very nice! But now I want to actually see a spaghetti-Western style Star Wars movie. Complete with Ennio Morricone-style soundtrack.


Un-western? I don’t know. When he lops off Ponda Baba’s arm it felt very much like the cool collected gunslinger who just shot a pistol out of somebody’s hand.


oh HELL yes. i am so very much on board with ewan reprising his role and helping bring the obi-wan story full circle. please oh please oh please…


Reminds me of this poster I have hanging prominently in my living room:

There are two more at


The poster raises a good point. I mean, we have no idea what he did in his spare time. He might be at Mos Eisley every weekend whoring and drinking and cutting up mouthy mother fuckers. He seemed to know the ins and outs of the space port and where to find and hire a smuggler, as well as not really phased much in a bar fight. Nor did anyone else get up to challenge him after that. I’d imagine he must have had a reputation with the locals who knew not to press the matter further.


Me likey, very much.


Guerre Stellari was playing its first run in Venice when my mom and I were vacationing there. I kick myself for not insisting we go see it so I could hear how Darth Vader sounded in Italian.

Of course, it didn’t have such a cool poster as yours.


I guess what I’m saying is that Obi-Wan is only superficially a western character in the same way that Star Wars is only superficially a western movie: looks and acts like one, but there’s no moral depth or complexity


nods in agreement

I have no further questions.


Actually we do. The Rebels cartoon this last season visted Obi in the few years before ANH. And he did pretty much what you’d expect. Stuck to the shadows and never tried to stand out but offered help and protection whenever he could.


This is the poster…


Yeah, maybe then, but hes been there for like 17, 18 years. I bet he went through a violent drunk phase.


“I think what I love about it is how completely un-western a character Kenobi is.”

With the above in mind, consider this cross-pollination (which I believe most here know about): Star Wars IV was influenced by Kurosawa’s “The Hidden Fortress”, while Kurosawa was influenced by John Ford’s… Westerns. (But you already knew that, didn’t you.)

Just me, but I believe that a “Kenobi” could have stood in for the highly skilled, venerable, perhaps a teensy bit jaded, philosophical gunfighter who influences and trains the youthful, up and coming gunfighter to be (a “Luke”). Haven’t we seen that before?


Huh. I wonder if he means old Ben Kenobi…


Lets just say that wasn’t the first severed arm that bar has seen.


Well, I don’t know anyone named Obi-Wan, but old Ben lives out beyond the Dune sea. He’s kind of a strange old hermit.


Yo yo ma’s “Plays the Music of” albums for both John Williams and Ennio Morricone are both fucking great. Coincidence?


I’m suddenly feeling a bit better about having inadvertently memorized most of the dialogue from Ep. 4 over the years…

I’m not alone. :smiley_cat: