Forklift driver flips coin into bottle


Something something cargo cults.

Quite neat!


Nice work! I used to work with an equipment operator who had a neat trick like that. You would throw a quarter on the ground anywhere he could reach it, then he would reach, slam the bucket down precisely, and flip the coin onto one of the teeth of the bucket, then swing it back to you all in under 5 seconds.

Physical/mechanical intelligence. Don’t underestimate it!


I’ve been following the whole ‘Cory’s headlines’ comments.
Disappointed the driver does not flip the coin at all; that would have been stunning.
He drops the coin, let’s call it what it is.


I’m disappointed that the driver doesn’t actually do it. It’s all the forklift. What a letdown.


That’s forking awesome.


…and hired! Video resumes are generally dumb for anyone who isn’t doing video, but that guy is a keeper.


Time theft.

Or, equally likely, fired for hours of machine time and diesel wasted practicing this trick.

You’d be surprised what having a little fun can do for the moral of a bunch of working class guys stuck together for 8-12 hours a day in hot/cold/dangerous/unpleasant conditions. I used to be the foreman of a construction crew that ranged in size from 8-25 guys. I guarantee that if you clamp-down and make sure that every minute of every day every employee is hard at work, you will get far less done. If you let the employees be themselves a little, and not feel so commodified, they will get more done and the day is much more pleasant.

People like to do the right thing when given the choice to do so. When you force them, not so much.



I found it uplifting. Suited my pallet perfectly.


Oh, I completely agree. Just having a cynical moment about the outcome; wouldn’t be the first case of someone getting sacked for having some fun or even simply being human at work.

I hope that either your higher-up bosses were similarly enlightened or that you were able to shield your crew from pointless and petty exercises of “because I said so” authority.

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That’s why I pay my dues.


As impressive as the forklift operator is (and he is), I was most impressed by the camera-work. Excellent framing, panning, and zooming.

(In fact, it’s so good, I was expecting this to be an orchestrated “viral” marketing stunt.)

Yeah…but can he shove and alien into an airlock?

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If I was a forklift manufacturer, I’d hire the driver to make such videos as ads.

Right on! You sound like a good supervisor!

And ‘tricks’ like this remind me that people who do hard labor, service type work are fucking talented and deserve good pay and fair treatment.

I work in a tech industry and god knows these people work harder than I do on any given day.


I think Cory is suffering from Huffington Post Syndrome. I.e. “You Won’t Believe How Easily These Misleading Headlines Are Going To Change Your Entire Life (and keep the adtrackers that pay my mortgage from going to some other click-bait website)!”

To be fair I have noticed has been doing it too. The internet is broke, it runs on NSA funding and pornography. The rest is getting by on scraps.
Let’s face it capitalism is over, can we all just move forward into something better now?


Also, the development level of expertise in the precise control of a forklift must have benefits for the employer.

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