Forklift mishap annoys man

Seriously. That’s a week or more of profit gone from an 8 week harvest.

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He French Fried when he shoulda Pizzaed

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Aren’t ALL jobs risky, unless MLK is your boss and they killed that boss.

True fact:

When in Jr. High me and my mother were learning how to operate farm equipment. Giant fork tractor used for stack towers of hay bales for the horse. I will never forget it! Crazy!!!

She backed up with a HUGE load of bails way to high up! Then didn’t look behind her as she casually tried to 3 point turn into an irrigation culvert (CA=no rain only ground water, which is almost gone now, bummer)

Those of us who know realize gravity never procrastination style, always on point like a daughter in law.

The whole rig, the hay, the big fork, my Ma, everything flipped over and since she had not put on her seat belt the roll cage (safety features!!) almost destroys her. It didn’t. She is nimble like I used to be.

Her life flashed before my eyes!!

It’s all good until humans are hurt.

Tractor forks have insurance, plus, all farmers know how to fix equipment.

Long story?
Very true.

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Grandpa McCoy, portrayed by Walter Brennan on The Real McCoys, an ancient primitive sitcom, invented throwing the hat down. If memory serves he would sometimes jump on it.


that’s usually the boss who wants to show his workers how to do it right.


Who gave this clown a license, you can’t lift and shift a load with the tip of the forks. He literally tipped the pallet over.

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