Former Proud Boy leader and FBI informant Henry "Enrique" Tarrio charged with seditious conspiracy

Prosecutors and DAs are not known for charging things they don’t think they can prove, so this bodes well for this asshat getting put away.

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That’d be my take, a lot of “nothing ever happens” types were predicting we’d never see Sedition charges around Jan 6 down to how difficult it is. That there’d need to be an air tight case.

That’s not neccisarily a bad take.

And here we are seeing plenty of sedition charges.

More over the failure of the Hutaree case was a pretty big hit on an attempt to finally unpick the militia movement. They were finally gonna do that thing that worked on the mob, rather than sticking to the pick them apart separately for gun and domestic violence charges thing that dominated after WACO. And they were gonna try and tie it to the broader movement and right wing terror in general too.

The failure there seems to have made the Feds even more reticent to pursue conspiracy charges on these groups. So I have to think they really have them dead to rights.

That failure to try again lead us here. So I figure there’s got to be some serious motivation in at least part of the DOJ.

Plus Oathkeepers have been pleading guilty rather than risking court.

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