Proud Boys leader jailed for five months for burning church's BLM banner and carrying high-capacity magazines

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Proud Boys leader jailed for five months takes a five month break from performative public violence to make time for a recruiting drive.


A whole whopping 5 months


This would be the same Proud Boys leader who turned out to be working for the Feds.


This slap on the wrist will embolden more tiny dick domestic terrorist wannabes to follow suite.

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Let’s hope the jail serves nutri-loaf.


I dunno that the Proud Boys would be particularly appealing to the Aryan Brotherhood, nor would a Latinx white supremacist read particularly well with them or any of your other prison gangs.

Plus for a host of depressing reasons there aren’t a ton of incely, techbro, vice readers hanging out in our prisons. That reputation as a snitch isn’t going to help either.


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I take your point- the Proud Boys are a violent group whose goals are fundamentally political or social, while the ABs are a violent group whose goals are primarily criminal.* Maybe there isn’t much crossover there.

Nonetheless, I’m not convinced that the public good is served all that well by incarcerating Mr. Tarrio rather than, say, compelling him to perform a highly public 5 month sentence of restorative justice to benefit the people he wronged.

* I gather. I claim no direct knowledge of either group.


“Mr. Tarrio has clearly, intentionally and proudly crossed the line from peaceful protest and assembly to dangerous and potentially violent criminal conduct”

Wow, who possibly could have expected that from a guy seen wearing a “right wing death squad” t-shirt? Such a surprise!
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He could conceivably get more time added, as dozens of his minions were involved in the insurrection.


I don’t imagine any of his antics will go over too well in D.C.'s reformatory system:

Tarrio, 37, was ordered to report to jail in Washington within two weeks.


i’m hoping that this extremely lenient sentence is because he turned into a valuable informant as part of a plea deal. let’s burn the Proud Bros and their racist ilk to the ground and then salt the earth where they came from.


Yep, according to the WaPo:

During a previous court hearing, Courtney said the plea agreement under which Tarrio was sentenced does not “prevent the government from bringing different or additional charges” against him in the future “based on his conduct on January 6th, 2021, or any other time."


Who I think of when I see he is literally darker-skinned than many actual black americans:


Exactly. All that sentence is going to do is give him ersatz street cred.

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The Aryan Brotherhood is weird they’re like the last thing standing from the Neo Nazi Skinhead boom of the 80’s and 90’s. But they are (like a number of those groups), primarily an organized crime group.

They seem to have a pretty hardline ideology, with not just only whites but only certain whites actually admitted. But they coordinate with Latinx, and only Latinx, prison gangs for purposes of CRIME. They do have some political connections. But only with White Supremacist and Christian Separatist militia groups. That seems to be at least as much about trafficking fire arms as it is ideological.

In which case he’d be fully out there coordinating with his existing group, and likely recruiting the same way he’s already been recruiting in the general population.

So yeah maybe he makes some connection of some sort in prison. But this isn’t a guy who got wrapped up on a petty vandalism charge. He’s an organizer at the head of an active terrorist group, who committed a hate crime (actually more than one he’s just been convicted of this one). He planned to be at the Jan 6 attack, was heavily involved in coordinating the Proud Boy’s involvement there. They apparently coordinated to move weapons into the DC area for that event. Though it seems they ended up not bringing them for fear of arrest, after Tarrio was picked up. As he was arrested in part on a weapons charge.

The US prison system may not neccisarily do the job all that well. But one of the very good reasons for jailing people over these sorts of offenses is to cut off their organizing capacity.

And just given Tarrio’s particular background. I really doubt he’s gonna gain much purchase while in Jail. He’s probably going to do much less damage if they can keep him there. He’s apparently still being investigated for other things, and Proud Boy involvement in the 6th.

Hell the reveal that he was an FBI informant in the past seems to have split off some of the Proud Boys as it is.


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