Jailed Proud Boys leader complains that American jails are terrible and he is right

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You know what would be awesome… if his experiences in prison turned him into an activist to transform the prison and criminal justice system. It won’t, but I would love that outcome.


The Trumpers will, I think, just see it as reason why they, the superior beings that they are, should not be in prison, but that “other people” deserve what they get rather than learn empathy for their fellow humans :frowning:


Yes. Which is why Tarrio will never turn into an activist for prison/criminal just reform. It’s like… they get just right to the edge and then miss the bigger picture. Depressing.


There is so much wrong with the US prison system, it’s hard to know where to begin, but making conditions more humane is probably the best place.


Tarrio certainly supports Black and Brown people being subjected to such conditions, so I’ll shed no tears for him. I hope this is a transformative experience for him that turns him into a empathetic, loving person, or even just a little less of a turd; but I think the odds on that are pretty low.


I’d begin with: revert all prison to state/federal run. No private run prisons.


And that’s such a bare minimum that it barely rates talking about…


He won the “3 hots & a cot” prize, now he changed his mind?


That’s pretty much the entire regressive worldview in a nutshell. Presented with the same information as everyone else, their conclusions take a weird, jagged right hook just at the end. See also:

“My body my choice” means both anti-vaxx as well as anti-choice

“Parental rights” means exposing our children to threats of violence and forcing ahistorical drivel on them while also disallowing them to protect their own bodies.

“Religious freedom” means my interpretation of religion is free to oppress yours.

“But what about the women and girls of Afghanistan!?!” means subjecting those women and girls to 20 more years of warfare.

“Hang Mike Pence” is a message of peace… or patriotic defense of our constitution… or the moment to rise up against the tyranny of the Constitution.

“A well regulated militia” means… absolutely nothing. What are you talking about?




That’s the way it seems to always be. Law and order… For he and thee, but not for me.


As I noted in another thread the current conditions at Rikers Island are reminiscent of an 18th Century slave ship.


Animals shouldn’t be forced to live in these conditions, not even the animals who tried to overthrow our government.


It’s just not the same as when he was living in mom’s basement. The guards don’t even bring Hot Pockets and Mountain Dew to his room, and no video games!

That attitude is also why he and the Qanon Shaman and the rest of these man-children will never become advocates for prison reform. Their worldview starts and ends with everyone else accomodating them, which means they have extreme difficulty empathising with others.


Isn’t this the textbook definition of the “snowflake” argument which is so commonly rolled out by people with right-leaning political views, such as the Republicans and the “proud boys” themselves!!!


I don’t understand. Barely rates talking about? While clearly it wouldn’t solve all problems (there is still a lot of prison reform that can be done), and not affect the specific jail mentioned in the post - as I understand it the two worse problems with private prisons are:

  1. A race to the bottom in cost cutting, that results in poorer conditions, as well a other issues.

  2. The need for these prisons to be near capacity to maximize profit is a pressure on the system to keep more people in prison.

I don’t know if one issue is more important than the other. But I don’t think better conditions can be achieved with out also making it a state run “service” again that isn’t focused on profits.


All of this hypocrisy is lost on the cult. They can’t get past their worship of the God anointed leader. As has been said here many times, cruelty is not a necessary evil, it is the entire point of far right politics until the cruelty starts to affect one of their flock.


I’m not even sure it affects them, then. How many right-wingers are out there protesting prison conditions right now? Ironically, the best help for these guys comes from the left.


I’m not saying we shouldn’t talk about it… I’m saying it’s the obvious starting point for reform, the absolutely bare minimum that we should do in a program of reform if that makes sense. I agree with you that it needs to happen, but that’s the least of what we should be doing.


Yep, that’s a big part of why they’re upset now. It’s more of the old “There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect…” The conditions are fine, so long as they’re not the ones experiencing them, and since they’re not the ones that are “supposed” to be in jail in the first place…