Former Proud Boy leader and FBI informant Henry "Enrique" Tarrio charged with seditious conspiracy

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If convicted on these new charges there could be up to 20 years of prison time. We’ll see what happens but it’s likely to be more than a little slap on the wrist. Fingers crossed!



I realize people are frustrated with the pace of things in the aftermath of Jan 6th, but all signs point to very strong, positive outcomes. Proud Boys and Oath Keeper’s top leadership have all been indicted on Seditious Conspiracy charges (a really big freakin’ deal), trump is about to be publicly dragged harder than during Impeachment II and the committee is signaling hard that they have him dead to rights. If the DOJ does decide to pursue charges, it will likely drag well into the 2024 election cycle. With any luck, he’s still enough of an element to make the GQP primary a bloodbath and disrupt DeSantis’ nomination, which seems the most likely outcome at this point. Nothing is guaranteed, but I’m very heartened to see how this has progressed.

Oh, and he still has Tish James to deal with in NY. So does the NRA.


Hope he rolls and take out trump and his congressional enablers.


Finally a leader of a major hate group is held accountable for his actions.

Kind of figures it’s the brown-skinned white supremacist who finally faces the music though.




Is one thing.
Conviction & substantial imprisonment are quite another.
Sure, this is a Good Thing, & I am glad to see it, but I won’t get excited about it until after the trial and sentencing.

I hope this is the beginning of a tsunami of indictments of the traitors.


There was a sacking in 2020?

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It’s worth pointing out how rarely Seditious Conspiracy/Sedition is charged, been more than a decade since Hutaree Christian Nationalists were charged. The time before that was the '93 world trade center bombing.

We’ve already seen as many Sedition charges over Jan 6 as the preceding 25 years. And they aren’t done yet.


Seems like about 1/2 of Congress, most of the previous [mal]Administration, plus a goodly number of Governors & other State officials could be hauled in as part of the same conspiracy… not to mention various Media members.
I hope the Traitor Hearings that are to be televised in a few days live up to the hype.


indeed! i hope they are really playing the long game here, and being extra careful to have an air-tight case. crossing my fingers that the dream of an Orange Mussolini perp-walk may still be more than just a dream…


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I’m hoping he tries the Nuremberg Defense, claiming "stand down and stand by” were part of the orders they were following from the top.

Because at some point someone needs to roll over on the Orange Cheeto in charge of their insurrection, and all the minions who propped him up.


EXCELLENT take on this, and you didn’t even mention the DA down in Georgia and his “perfect” call where he just needed to find 11k votes. THAT is going to be the case that really knocks the fat bastard for a loop!


Wow, Seditious Conspiracy is a serious, serious charge. I expected all these clowns to be fined $100 for Destruction of Government Lectern or whatever. Nice to see this. Hope the conviction and sentence are equally serious.


Who gave them their orders? The pwoud bois are just foot soldiers. Lock up Trump, Stone, Meadows, all those seditious fuckers who gave the orders.


“The Devil Went Down to Georgia”

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Part of why it’s rarely used is it’s hard to prove.

The Hutaree militia were mostly acquitted, though two members went to jail for a few years on related gun charges. Apparently the stumbling block was mostly the judge agreeing to exclude testimony about the broader militia movement, and the evidence itself being considered circumstantial. While they’d openly discussed their plans to kill a specific number of government officials and police officers, and openly espoused a belief in and desire for an apocalyptic war with the government.

It seems they hadn’t picked specific people, and hadn’t quite framed it as “lets over throw the government”.

So it was arguable that they were just predicting it and preparing for it, not actually doing it. And they just coincidentally happened to acquire illegal automatic weapons around the same time.

They got most of their guns and ammo back.