Former Proud Boy leader Henry "Enrique" Tarrio sentenced to 22 years in prison

Procrastination was going to be the third, but arrived a day late.


So he’ll be “standing back and standing by” until he’s 60. I wonder if TFG will ever serve any time with his followers who are incarcerated because they did what he asked. And he made no effort to pardon them.


I’m conflicted only because I would like to have seen him sentenced longer, but the prosecutors asked for 33 years, and they pretty consistently inflate their analysis of the sentencing guidelines. They also often overcharge to get longer sentences. Tarrio is disgusting, but our criminal justice system is also still horribly broken, so I don’t feel entirely comfortable celebrating this. If I thought only people convicted of crimes like Tarrio’s got sentenced like this, I’d be good. But that’s not how it works. If Trump gets a similar sentence, then I’ll feel a lot better.


22 years is hardly a slap on the wrist. Many people serve less time for murder convictions. I just hope he comes out of prison a different person than the one he is now.


How you perceive someone else is no indicator of who they are… it’s more often than not, a reflection of our own ingrained ideas.

It really doesn’t matter what the dude looks like. What matters is what he did, and that he’s seeing consequences for his actions.

Yeah, we do need an overhaul, but that doesn’t mean this also isn’t a victory which means that maybe one day we can get to a place where an overhaul is possible. That’s something that we do have to keep working on and reminding people of, that all these little victories for justice should be tempered with the reminder that our criminal justice system is utterly broken - even when it does deliver justice now and then.

Oh yeah… without a doubt.


… and I looked, and beheld a fourth horse, and his name that sat on him was Contempt


That’s 22 in federal. He’s also got Oregon prison sentences coming up if I recall.


And now we can forget him.

When you get out - your life be over & you’ll be a nobody. All your “friends” - Trump - Stone etc - will be long dead. And no one will give you a cushy job at some conservative nonprofit.


Justice is not done yet, it is done when the time is. What is the probability that justice is shorted and he gets a commutation or pardon (assuming the next 5 administrations are not Democratic)?


No Republican President is going to pardon this guy. He’s not rich enough or important enough.


Looks like if he behaves, he might get out three years early.


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I get what you’re saying, but there’s something else I’m trying to say with my not entirely tongue-in-cheek comment: There is an absolute connection between this guy’s need to be the head of a quasi-military terrorist organization, and the meeting of insecurity and toxic masculinity expressed in his hat and sunglasses.

I’m not saying his looks mean anything. HE is saying his looks mean something, and it’s something he hides because he’s ashamed of it.

I’m not actually commenting on the fact that without his costume he looks like a dweeb. I like and respect all sorts of people who either look like, or kinda are, dweebs.

He doesn’t like people who look like dweebs, including himself. And there is a connection between all that, and what he did.


I mean, this is what it’s supposed to be about, right? Give a person some time to think about who they’ve been, why they are not free, and who they have to become if they ever want to be free. Retribution aside, this is supposed to be about justice and rehabilitation, right?


Well say that instead of just saying he’s a dork. That can be misconstrued in a myriad of ways. But saying he’s a fascist driven by toxic masculinity has the advantage of being clear and true.

This is text, so misunderstandings are easy. You risk being misunderstood if you’re not clear in your meaning.

Not in America, no. We do not have a system of justice and rehabilitation, we have a system of retribution.


How long till this POS is complaining about prison food and “harsh conditions”?


Is this supposed to be one of those “even a stopped clock is right twice a day” statements? Somehow I don’t think so, despite all of the recent attention on “harsh conditions” leading to “prisoner death.”


Oh believe-you-me every right winger is pointing out when ever a rapist, pedo, or murder is getting less time than J6 insurrectionists.

Though 1) none of their examples are Federal charges, which often have more strict sentencing guidelines. and 2) just because someone got off lighter than maybe they should have, doesn’t mean others should too.

Also, didn’t this guy snitch to the feds in the past? Going to make him super popular in prison :confused:


I would settle for 11,780 days (approximately 32 years) just to rub his nose in it and tell him “bad dog.”