Former Trump aide admits lying to FBI over Russia contacts


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It never even crossed my mind that someone would plead guilty on day one.

I haven’t felt this hopeful for about a year now.


The Orange One looks much better like that.
He would look even better without the hair and butt-mouth.
And, that weird little raisin thing that his chin does when he “smiles.”

I know, I know. Criticize him for what he (supposedly) does have control over, but…
… why not both?


He’s been cooperating since July. I bet a lot of insiders are thinking, “When did I have that conversation with Papadopoulos?”


Circuses without the bread.


is Circus bread a thing?


In sum, a member of Trump’s campaign has pled guilty and provided evidence that the campaign did collude or attempt to collude with Russia. That cuts to the heart of the Mueller investigation—and it means that the president should be in very deep trouble.



This is big news, but for some reason I just want to hear more about Circus bread.


IAAL, so a word of advice: the FBI will get you for lying to them even if the rest of their case crumbles and even if you’ve got lots of money and have been completely falsely charged (see, e.g., Scooter Libby). If the FBI calls, your only answer should be “I would be happy to talk to you, Special Agent Johnson and you too, Special Agent Johnson, after I engage appropriate counsel; I will call to update you about my schedule as soon as I have secured counsel.” Otherwise they will catch you on something and you they will have you by the short-and-curlies.


I have to wonder if the game is to bait 45 into doing something criminally stupid to try and cover everything up, then nail him for the inevitably inept cover-up.


This could get even juicier…


Healthy reminder that the POTUS is only going to be in trouble if Congress acts. Not seeing many indicators that they will.


They’ll react when/if their own poll numbers plummet.


Not cool to mock people’s biology because we don’t like them.




The problem is you demonize folks who share the biological traits you are calling out.

For example, calling Betsy DeVos a c*nt, or referring to Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth a “gimp”, because you do not like their political performance: you imply that people who share those biological traits (without being Betsy or Tammy) are also morally reprehensible.

In yer first post above you paint folks with ‘raisin smiles’ (to shorthand your description of 45), with guilt by biological association with our current POTUS.


Or when people flood the streets again.


That was a joke, right?


"Panem et circenses…"



Just imagine how much they have on him for him to agree to that.

And now that he’s guilty, UNDER LAW, let’s find the rest of the conspirators, and prosecute them too.