Fort Lauderdale Mayor implores Gov. DeSantis to abandon his political agenda and work for public safety

Originally published at: Fort Lauderdale Mayor implores Gov. DeSantis to abandon his political agenda and work for public safety | Boing Boing


Ron Death Sentence does not cotton to all that liberal nonsense! /s


“If there’s an ultimate political agenda trying to appeal to some sort of outlier group by building a ‘Death Star’, I just think they’re misjudging what people really want.”


sigh Still thinking you can reason with them or appeal to their decency, huh? The Democratic party is going to be lamely saying “hey, no, maybe don’t do that” right up until we get another Qpublican president, and I’m not sure we can survive one more of those.


Mayor Dean Trantalis attempts an appeal to reason in asking DeSantis to help advance the public good.

He’s talking to a member of the Party of Demonstrable Bad Faith, one that denied the existence of the “public good” before it was fully taken over by a death cult. Good luck, indeed.


They like Death Stars.


FL resident here. We JUST got an email from our school district letting us know they are now requiring masks for all staff and visitors for at least the next 30 days but not for students. Because that makes sense.


One of the unwritten, but unbreakable rules of the Trump Cult is: Stupid ALWAYS doubles down. DeSantis is trying to prove that he is the Trumpiest Trump in Trumplandia, to please his Lord and Savior, Trumplethinskin.


Wonder if “we’re updating the dress code” would work in Florida? :slight_smile:


Yeah, they never admit fault, no matter how patently obvious it is that they are wrong.

Republicans have taken to the theory of the Big Lie like ducks to water. Just repeat the lie often enough and enough people will believe it. And even liberal media outlets help them with that, by featuring their lies as the headlines of stories, thinking that their liberal audience will see the lies for what they are, and many do. But what the headlines are also doing is spreading the lies further making them more believable, because we tend to believe what we hear the most (thanks, availability heuristic :frowning: ) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr…


“High school students shall exhibit no exposed skin whatsoever unless it has been punctured with a Sars-CoV vaccination from Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson and Johnson.”


So many people have died so stupid, selfish old (mostly) men can further their political careers, or get slightly richer. And these men will never be held to account. This pandemic has made me even more cynical than I was, and I truly despair that we will be able face the challenges ahead of us.


De Santis hasn’t thought it through.
If he thinks he’s going to get the republican nomination and Trump decides he wants it, then the party is going with Trump, every day.
I could see Trump refusing to say whether he’s actually running right up until its too late for anyone else to nominate.

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The Governor’s attitude …


Even when they put on masks, the people who resist them often use the inferior sort with just a single layer of stretchy material.

Yesterday Mrs. Bashful had a doctor’s appointment and they issued a mask to every single person to enter. Nobody was permitted to wear one they brought with them. That seemed to me like a pretty good idea if your goal is to actually protect people’s health.


Around here, everyone seems to like the neck gaiter, which you can leave around your neck, and pull up over your face when needed. Problem is, they’re a single layer of woven fabric. Thus, pretty much useless. But they have plenty of room for 'Murica imagery, which is the most common theme I see on them.


Yep. they have been proven to be useless.

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yeah, neck gaiters are ubiquitous 'round here. I see them used as “masks” daily.
I use them - for what they are intended - keeping sun and bugs off my neck and ears while fishing. even wear them over my proper, layered filter mask. keeps it in place amd maintains a better seal (I think).

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