Fox host shocked to hear Paul Romer call Trump administration dishonest

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Who IS that host, with his rather British accent?


I dunno. Someone who is exquisitely comfortable defending proven liars.

Probably some rich fuck who never worked a day in his life.


Some background on the guest:

Who should we trust more about the economy’s prospects, Romer or a TV news presenter/courtier who’s so drunk on his faith in the “free” market that he rushes to lick the arses of Il Douche’s pack of liars?


All right mister economist, after I called you out on your claims you started defending them using economics, so I’m just gonna shout you down because my viewers know fuck-all about economics but they understand shouting perfectly.


I’m convinced FOX gets guys with British accents to bolster their bullshit because idiots naturally assume that people that talk like that are smart. They are “cultured and above the fray” and therefore what they say has far more meaning (to idiots) than what someone else says.


that’s what happens when two parallel worlds collide. You have Romer who lives in reality world and the anchor who lives in Rightwing land.

RIghtwing land is a weird place. Here’s a simulation of what they’re currently thinking. Just replace the orcs with brown people and muslims and the people behind the walls with people trying to live the suburban lifestyle


I think there may have been an interesting discussion afterwards: “Who thought it was a good idea to invite Paul Romer?”


I can’t quite understand the fake(?) outrage: these clowns are drinking their own bathwater at this point. They’re all in the bunker watching themselves on CCTV, imagining that’s the whole world.


“That’s a helluva slam Paul!”


There’s also a nice slam against the unnamed Peter “Rabbit” Navarro as not being a real economist.

It’s a combination of the whole “stupid person’s idea of a smart person” phenomenon you describe plus Rupert bringing over a lot of sleazebag hacks from his UK tabloids to his U.S. operations (although it look like this is this boob’s first News Corp gig ).

I don’t know who would even watch this business network over Bloomberg or CNBC besides conservative day traders (i.e. slots addicts).


He’s just another Fox News dumpster fire who’s hanging on for dear life because OAN wouldn’t pay him nearly enough as much. I tipped my proverbial cap to Shep Smith when he left because FNC had gotten so insane.


I can’t believe Republican talking heads are still trying to pull the shaming tactic whenever anyone questions elected officials. Kelly Anne Conway tried it for a bit in the beginning, but Americans really don’t react well to someone acting like they’re our lords and ladies and reminding us that we’ve forgotten our place by speaking like that to a better. I’m going to let it go with this guy because he appears to be British, but I can’t imagine England still operates like a Dickens novel. It’s just a weird tactic.


It’s extremely stressful and embarrassing when you find out you’ve been hoodwinked. It’s natural for people to be unwilling to admit they’ve been taken advantage of. Combine that with a socio-political culture that practices cognitive dissonance at an early age, and you have a recipe for a grown man in a professional career completely unable to acknowledge reality in public.


Makes me wonder where/how he failed to be a journalist or reporter or even presenter in the UK to end up fleeing to the US to achieve his pathetic presence. But looking him up, I see he never worked here, started in Hong Kong and has his entire career thereafter in the US media.

ETA apparently…

Varney has lived in the United States since 1974. In November 2015, Varney became an American citizen.

You can have him. Sorry.


Hmm, what did the host mean by the phrase “people like you”?
He said he “[didn’t] like it” when people who “appear on this show” are called liars by “people like you”

(Book-larnin’, long-haired, filthy communist homosexules, presumably?)


I think he was on some FINnews network of some sort for years…someone very few people watched, allowing him to build up a track record without actually engaging with the larger world.

Surprising to see someone with a degree from the LSE allowing a creature like Kudlow to wipe their ass on economics as a discipline. But such is loyalty to Dear Leader.


“Now work with me here, I’m trying to spin this into a positive and your insistence on speaking truthfully and accurately about the situation is undermining that goal. You do know you’re on Fox, right?”


If the shoe fits…this administration must look like Imelda Marcos’ closet by this point.