Fox host Steve Doocy pushes the idea that Trump should wear a mask

It’s hard to believe all that money for nothing couldn’t sway him from the narrative that the “China Flu” was being overblown by those loser Dems, and the only true freedom was in walking around like an oblivious, selfish, mouth breather and ignoring the advice of experts.

There’s the right choice. There’s the wrong choice. And then there’s the Trump choice.

The fact so many people are so stubbornly ignorant makes it hard to get up in the morning. The good news is, from bed, I’m not spreading COVID. Far.


I saw a visual, I believe on Twitter but possibly in a comment thread here, showing a compelling theory that is just inane enough to be spot on:

If he wears a mask, it will rub off his spray tan.

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Wait, I though the Fox say this?

What is this new world we find ourselves in?

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Trump should wear a mask? Close – better still, he should be wearing a muzzle and straitjacket, a la Hannibal Lecter. As of today, Trump’s kill count is up to 129,000 American COVID-19 victims.


For Fuck’s Sake Fox…

2020 already has me agreeing with Juggalos. I can deal with a lot of shit. We’re currently in 2 week (minimum) lockdown (at least until my wife’s brain swab results are in), and if I have to agree with Fox News, and see them as a voice of reason, I’m going to start to hemorrhage out of my anus.


That horror film should be titled 2020.

It might be more suitable in the circumstances for him to wear one that said “I really don’t care, do you?”

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