Fox jump-cut to protect Trump also anti-semitic

I’ll take Rubin at his word, but it’s very unusual to handle things that way. Usually the host will interrupt to explain on-air that they have to go to commercial, not just keep saying the guest’s name before the producer or director orders the cut. Ads have to air, but there’s always wiggle room built into live TV for a guest to finish up his point.

What is clear is that, of late, some of Fox News’s guests haven’t been behaving as the propaganda network expected them to.

Unless things have changed since I was in the business, in-studio guests aren’t usually given IFB earpieces. The hosts and anchors wear them so that the control room can tell them things like “we have to cut to commercial soon”, but the assumption is that guests who aren’t professional talent would be thrown off by earpiece instructions from a producer or director or by having a floor manager waving directly at them. It’s up to the host to give those cues to the guest in a more natural and conversational way.


You know who else was against smoking…?


Isn’t Trump against smoking too???


Or it was just a copyright take down.


[It will ALWAYS be too soon.]


Some kinds, maybe. He seems to love Smoke and MirrorsTM, blowing smoke up our collective asses, etc.


A jump cut is a cut between two shots of a subject from slightly different camera angles. This can be used to show passage of time, among other things. More often these days it is used as an obnoxious stylistic flourish. And more generally its come to refer to any edit that shows a sudden alteration of the composition within a scene, rather than transitioning to another scene.

Jason may have been thinking of a smash cut. Where in a shot or scene abruptly cuts to another without transition. Often with significant compositional differences between them.


I was watching Fox coverage of the synagogue shooting in Poway.

Nazis don’t like critical thinkers, or for that matter thinkers in general.


IOW, not a jump cut.

also claimed responsibility for a March 2019 arson attack on a mosque in Escondido, California, about 15 miles from Poway.[16][17] That arson attempt was put out with only minor damage and no injuries; graffiti left in the parking lot made reference to the earlier Christchurch shooting

So this guy attacked muslims as well? There seems to be a growing confusion among the ratbag right about which minorities they are supposed to be attacking.

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Smoking hot women (if your rich enough…)

I don’t recommend this. Pretty sure the average human body is full of carcinogens.


The link contains a clip from Godard’s Breathless with instructor commentary.

Whatever the source of that definition is, it’s wrong (or perhaps poorly explaining the edit). On its surface it seems to be describing a smash cut.

Here’s a great video describing different transitions:


Calling a smash cut a jump cut makes a lot of sense logically, it’s jumping from one place to another, therefore it’s a jump cut! And if enough people use the terms incorrectly the language (d)evolves and the new definition becomes correct, but I don’t think we’re there yet.

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I’m a (literal and metaphorical) student of films and filmmaking so things like this matter to me. :slight_smile:



When it comes to assaulting minorities, it’s one size fits all.

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[editing intensifies]