Fox's Peter Doocy hilariously tries to corner Karine Jean-Pierre about Trump indictment but just can't (video)

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“Does the administration think . . . anything happening in New York today, is not one of the top issues in the country?”

Does he want the Biden administration to officially comment on the Phillies/Yankees game?


The contrast in discipline between administrations is always such a joy to behold. Fox News is basically just going with “Admit it, you people are enjoying this! Why don’t you come out and rub Trump’s nose in it to prove you’re just like us!” and the Biden folks are smirking their way through it all without taking the bait.


They want them to comment so they can use those words to “prove” that this is all politically motivated.


an interesting point brought up in the twitter comments:
since faux news claims it is “entertainment”, not news, why are they even allowed in the press conference?
i’m all for tearing up their news credentials and banning them from everything all the way down to the state-fair.


Yeah. There is always an agenda when Doocy asks a question, and it’s wrapped up in their alternate-reality.

In this case his question is phrased so that just by answering she’s agreeing with his misplaced idea that this isn’t about Trump breaking the law, it’s about “a local DA, who hates Trump, abusing his power.”

There are ways she could have just thrown it back in his face (“Is that what this is about, or is it simply about a former president breaking the law?”) but it’s more professional to just say “no comment.”


I heard somewhere in Manhattan a bag of shit was taken out of a building. Why isn’t the media covering this???


Actually, I’m 100% on board with it becoming precedent.

No one is above the law.

That’s the lowest person you can think of to the highest. If they did wrong, they should be treated equally.

I had this random thought about the indictments last week. I read a lot of books and there was this book series called The Sword of Truth. In it, one of the things that existed was a Confessor. You could not tell her a lie. It would be awesome if such a thing actually existed. Or if it was a charm on the Capitol or some other building. Imagine a place where you always had to tell the complete, bald, truth. Yes, that would hurt sometimes, but at least it would be one place that everyone was, no matter what, equal.

FWIW, there were hundreds of lawsuits against Trump, both good ones and insane ones, while he was in office. Same with Obama, Bush, and most others I’d guess. Every company I’ve ever worked for had both a few, real, lawsuits they needed to deal with and dozens of crazy ones. I can remember many of them. One government agency I worked at once had someone sue us because we wouldn’t settle his debt for $1. And then there was this one company I worked for once spilled coffee on someone…


what’s the score


Since it’s hard to tell the difference between thickheadedness and persistence in doing his master’s bidding, I’ll just go with both for Doocy.


On paper, yes. But history has shown that the rich and powerful are quite a bit above the law. That’s why it is a big deal that trump was indicted. Now, will he get any actual jail time? I don’t think he will. Because history has shown that the rich and powerful are quite a bit above the law.


if you mean the corporate entity known as mcdonalds… thank goodness they got sued and lost. companies definitely deserve to lose money when they do things like put a 180 degree beverage in a paper cup while disregarding previous warnings about how dangerous that was


Does the administration think . . . anything happening in New York today , is not one of the top issues in the country?

“The Administration has no comment on the defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion against Fox News. “


Doocey seems to think what happened in New York City is a “top issue” for the country today. It’s not a top issue. It’s newsworthy, sure, but the only way this becomes an issue for the country, particularly from the White House’s point of view, is if Trump or his deranged minions like MTG or Ms Lindsay provoke their faithful into some serious mischief. Which, sadly, doesn’t seem unlikely.

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… Democrats can barely manage to describe what Fox News is, much less do anything about it

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Yup. And our coffee machines, at that time, were calibrated to be scaldingly hot. I realize the lawsuit gets passed around as a joke, but we, the workers, used to get burns on it all the dang time.


We are not at liberty to comment on an ongoing game. :smile:


Peter Doody.

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FWIW this question was posed to Jen Psaki recently:


Yup. I also wished the people who pass that lawsuit around as a joke would read up on the HORRIFYING injuries that woman suffered. They refuse to believe it wasn’t just a boo-boo that she put some Neosporin on. Parts of her flesh basically melted.