Franken to resign

Well, I disagree it was the right thing to do. I stand by my original statement.

it does NOT invalidate what I wrote.

This is silly. It’s not one or the other. We can like his policies and still think he needed to resign for his actions. None of us are saying that we dislike his politics.


What a bullshit speech.

Why are you obsessing about me, and not about Trump and his 24 rape charges, and Roy Moore and his 20 molestation charges?

Um, last I checked, everyone was obsessing over Roy Moore, and there’s been renewed attention to Trump’s own history of assault.

we lack a backbone, and we don’t stand up enough for what is right, and we don’t fight for liberal values and for the working men and women.

Last I checked, standing up against people who casually grope and assault women is a pretty fucking liberal value, and the right thing to do to boot.

Do you like what Republican monsters and psychopaths did on this tax bill? Do you want to see Obamacare repealed, and 20 million people lose their insurance? Do you like the Trump horror show?

No, but they already have a majority so guess what? We get to experience it anyway.

you snide little shits

Yes, truly an upstanding way to express your remorse at having groped multiple women and become the subject of an ethics investigation.

This whole thing reads like it came from the mouth of Roy Moore. We’re fucking better than that.


An indiscretion is not assault - if he had had a consensual affair with another woman, that would be one thing and I think you could make that argument. But this shows a lack of care about women as human beings.

So, yes, I think it does invalidate what you wrote.


That’s fair enough. But I stand by my belief that I think you’re wrong and that the right thing to do was indeed to step down.


It’s not a ‘no mater what’ mentality. Franken was fighting for many good things:fair taxes, our social safety nets, child welfare and health programs, a woman’s right to choose, DACA, Net Neutrality, sensible foreign policies, fair trade policies, consumer rights, heatlh care for all, gun control, among others, while the GOP wants to bring us all the hoorible things, wealth inequality, racism, religious fanaticism, unfair labor practices, foreign wars, preventing a woman the right to choose, coporate welfare, etc, you get the picture. There is a HUGE difference between our goals and their goals.

Well, we’ll see who replaces him. If you live in Minnesota, you had better hope you are correct. Wisconsin is right next door and right wing ilk spreads pretty quickly.

I don’t know how to do it, but please don’t quote me on any of that stuff. I was quoting, to begin with. There must be a way.

But he fights for womens’ rights. I think he cares about women as human beings, its his penis that doesn’t. And I’m not trying to be funny about that either. Many men have a real problem with it.

Well, given the democratic governor will decide that, I’m going to assume it’ll be a democrat.


Wow. Really? So, he’s a man and he doesn’t have control over his actions because penis? Really? Maybe rethink that.

I think we’re figuring that out with the me too campaign. maybe more men need to get their shit together and treat women like their fellow humans on this planet instead of prizes to be won.


Hopefully not a blue dog.

Apologies, and done.


We’ll see, of course.

Ask that of Franken. I can’t speak for anybody but myself in that regard. But obviously it is a big problem. I agree, men need to treat women as equals. I just think Frnaken would do more for women if he did not reign.

Given that our rights are being eroded away, I’m not sure how much he and other democrats currently in power have actually done.


Thanks: now I see what’s up, just delete username from each quote. Carry on.

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This is correct. Just last week I would have thought this picture genuinelyportrayed the trump admin. Now it is the Dem’s… this whole nation has lost its way. I need to find a way to move out of this fucking hell hole.

God I can’t even type anymore. I am at work and I need to go. Here’s hoping you get a good and decent Senator to replace Franken.