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All well put. It’s a pleasure to read such comments



Many Americans snarking at Tomi Lahren’s abuse of the US Flag Code.

Very few Americans pointing out that the existence of the US Flag Code is deeply fucked up.




But they are part of history. What’s the point in trying to erase the past?


Ask proponents of the lost cause myth that very same question. History is a key battle ground in the current struggle happening in America.


Sorry, I was sarcastically making reference to the disingenuous arguments of surrounding the confederate statues. People who say, “We shouldn’t try to erase our history!” because they don’t want to admit they have any sympathy for slavers (when they obviously do).


Oh! Sorry, missed the sarcasm! I should have known!

But spot on, as always.


I did, at the time, pause to consider if I should mark it somehow. Sometimes I know I should but it’s emotionally triggering for me to acknowledge that the world is full of people who would say what I’m saying 100% seriously. :scream:


Good discussion of the real threat to academic free speech:

Mass shooting at church in Sutherland Springs, Texas

Acceptance is default support. Acceptance of hate speech is the allowance of incitement to violence, which is what hate speech is. Refute.


Allowing is not condoning. Please read what I wrote. See also: quotes by Evelyn Beatrice Hall: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”




More from George:

Despite the headline, it’s mostly about speech and academic freedom.



so anyway, this appeared on my facebook feed-- yeah, I have Republican relatives…

and if you look at her publications, a bunch of them look interesting and useful.


This article analyzes cloaked websites, which are sites published by individuals or groups who conceal authorship in order to disguise deliberately a hidden political agenda. Drawing on the insights of critical theory and the Frankfurt School, this article examines the way in which cloaked websites conceal a variety of political agendas from a range of perspectives. Of particular interest here are cloaked white supremacist sites that disguise cyber-racism. The use of cloaked websites to further political ends raises important questions about knowledge production and epistemology in the digital era. These cloaked sites emerge within a social and political context in which it is increasingly difficult to parse fact from propaganda, and this is a particularly pernicious feature when it comes to the cyber-racism of cloaked white supremacist sites. The article concludes by calling for the importance of critical, situated political thinking in the evaluation of cloaked websites.


Allowing is condoning, because it allows its continued existence as the default state, when in fact hate speech should not exist or be tolerated as it is a call to violence. Defend your continued support of calls to violence.


This point has already been explained to you but you’re either unwilling or unable to read the comments elsewhere in the thread. Your poorly-considered leaps of logic, stridently absurd protestations, and confrontational demands indicate you’re not interested in a discussion so I’m going to follow @Israel_B’s lead and just ignore you as the cut-rate troll you’re proving yourself to be.