Freeze Peach 🍑 (USA)




When your bill can easily be paired with footage of John Hurt’s 30-foot-tall visage in V for Vendetta screaming for the same demands, that’s usually a bad sign.


Apparently, the “free speech rights” of extremely shitty people are so important that reddit will step in to make sure they’re still allowed to have their own clubhouse after the guy who created it has a crisis of conscience.

As for the people that KiA has doxxed, harassed, abused, and brigaded (up to and including last week’s explosion at Arenanet), well… I guess they should have been more careful about what they said.


In which “gentlemen” decry the infringement of their free speech rights by a Canadian game company that won’t let hurl slurs and abuse in chat. :roll_eyes:

(It’s 2018. How do we not have a facepalm emoji?)


Well hell I may have to play Rainbow 6 now…


I hear it’s still in development.


American Conservative laments market concentration and private property as bad for free expression

A thread regarding Freeze Peach and Charlottesville:


Use your thinker box and maybe consider that they want you focused on the principle of free speech in order to take your attention away from what they intend to do with it.

Great thread, a very clarifying way of putting this problem.


A lot of the modern US Freeze Peach debate began with the effort to deplatform Milo when he was trolling campuses. So let’s check in and see how that’s going…


Spenser did just move out of his fancy digs in Old Town Alexandria.

Hard times ‘ya know.


Political prisoners and freedom of speech:

As per usual, this predates Trump.

Brett Kavanaugh pressured into quitting his job as lecturer at Harvard Law School

Let’s keep this open.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


I mean, why do we need to do that… after all, haven’t we settled all issues of free speech now? I mean haven’t we all decided that all nazis get to say whatever terrible things they want and it’s protected, but people who suffered historic and current oppression have to speak as kindly and softly as possible? /s


This thread:

But especially:



Another misreading of the whole 1st amendment issue. I suspect a group chanting “Principal Asshat sucks” would not enjoy such protection!


Constitutional Reflection (USA)

Hmmm, wonder what the difference in these cases could be? It is such a mystery! Unless, could it, maybe, possibly be, I don’t know, racism?