Freeze Peach 🍑 (USA)




When your bill can easily be paired with footage of John Hurt’s 30-foot-tall visage in V for Vendetta screaming for the same demands, that’s usually a bad sign.


Apparently, the “free speech rights” of extremely shitty people are so important that reddit will step in to make sure they’re still allowed to have their own clubhouse after the guy who created it has a crisis of conscience.

As for the people that KiA has doxxed, harassed, abused, and brigaded (up to and including last week’s explosion at Arenanet), well… I guess they should have been more careful about what they said.


In which “gentlemen” decry the infringement of their free speech rights by a Canadian game company that won’t let hurl slurs and abuse in chat. :roll_eyes:

(It’s 2018. How do we not have a facepalm emoji?)


Well hell I may have to play Rainbow 6 now…


I hear it’s still in development.