French President Francois Hollande pays $11,000 a month for haircuts


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I’m old, and I doubt I’ve paid $11,000 total for every haircut I’ve ever got in my life. Obviously I’m doing something wrong if I want to be president of France.


Look, do we REALLY want this for the President of France?


Have you ever tried to find a licensed barber with a current TS/SC security clearance?

I mean have you really tried?



Wisdom from the guy who cuts my hair: "You know what the difference is between my haircut and a $500 one?

The price."


The job comes with significant responsibilities: the hairdresser is “committed to secrecy and needs to be available 24/7,”

Clearly, he has realized that the human race is under threat from some terrifying race of follicular demons and is determined to remain free. When the time comes he will stand at the fore of an army of meticulously-depillated strongmen.

(ETA: The conspiracy runs deep.)


In fairness, I pay about $18 for a haircut, so the cost per hair is roughly the same.


We must get to the root of this immediately.

  1. You realize a lot of people view their barber/hairdresser as an amateur therapist. The secrets this person knows…

  2. When the hair demons invade and possess those with unkempt hair, Mr. Hollande will have the last laugh.


Hey now, I’ve had good haircuts and I’ve had shitty haircuts. I’m happy to pay a trained professional to do it right.


Problem solved


I dunno, I’d love to see Borris Johnson as president of France…



My hair guy says about the same thing, must be an inside hair thingy.


I think it’s the same thing everyone offering a cheaper product says. In the case of a hair cut it may be true. On the other hand, some people really are geniuses with hair - the somewhat expensive hair dresser booked 6 months in advance who I used to go to knew how to get my hair to lay on its own in wonderful ways, perfectly, before she even cut it. My current cheaper barber is affordable, and decent. But there is a difference - not a $132,000 a year difference to me, though…


Does he speak French? Or would he just speak in English with French accent and call it close enough?


It can always be worse


Shave and a haircut, all in a stroke!


Obviously I’m doing something wrong if I want to be president of France first against the wall when the revolution comes.


I’m certain they can fine a Flowbee in France for less than a hundred bucks.