Friday Freak-Out: The Chocolate Watch Band - Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In)


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Danno from Hawaii 5-0 [ ] is in there… Far out.


I didn’t get to the movies much that year. Thank you for making me feel a lot better about it.


I am mostly surprised this isn’t an American International/Corman production.


Lord love a duck


Ah yes - '67 - back when acid was 25¢ a hit and love was free.


This post finally got me to sign up. The Chocolate Watch Band were the hippies in the cabin at the end of the road where I grew up in the Santa Cruz mountains. I remember using some of their drippy-lettered handbills as coloring paper. The new Porsche I also remember must have come after the new record deal.


“Veeeery Eeenteresting!”

Oh, wait, that’s Laugh-In.


Reminds me of Portlandia.


He also started World War III.


Those bangs… how could I not*

*be there?


You didn’t notice Major Don West (Mark Goddard) from “Lost in Space”?



And, sadly, Guy Gibson.

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