Frightened of Black history month? Then Taboo: White Fragility Edition is the game for you!

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I mean, it’s basically not even satire. That is, in a fairly literal sense, exactly what’s going on…


its funny (sad) because its true!

It should be black future month.

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Yep. Only instead of a game night, it’s schools and government, and instead of getting the buzzer, you get fined or imprisoned.
So you have little choice whether to be there or not, and the punishment is harsher. And there’s no cheese plate or wine.
Well, some toxic white whine, I guess.
Fucking hell.


Or fired.

This butthurt white people shit is gonna wreak further havoc on the teaching ranks.

On top of all the other crap teachers now put up with (piss poor salaries, low to no supplies, huge class sizes, a lack of respect for their profession, ridiculous working hours, and so much more), being policed for how they address racism and do or don’t hurt white fee-fees as they do so may well be the last straw for a lot of teachers who were already thinking of quitting.

Satire can be an effective way of shedding light on problems, but I’m finding it hard to laugh this time.


Already is, from what I’m reading. ( Over half of teachers want to leave the profession early, NEA poll finds : NPR - it’s a combination of covid burn-out and the new laws, but apparently the new laws have 30-40% of teachers ready to quit) And that appears to be by design - the people behind this are also the ones trying to generally destroy public education. (The perverse thing is that even if get exactly what they want - publicly funded private schools - out of this situation they’re creating, there’s still going to be an absolutely massive teacher shortage. Presumably they’re counting on the shortage only affecting other people’s kids.)


Exactly. The teachers leaving the public sector due to terrible parents and these horrible new rules are not (generally) doing so to join the private ranks :woman_shrugging:t2:
We’re seeing the last bits of the long con being played out.
What an interesting time to be alive :pleading_face:


That’s absolutely what they’re thinking. There have always been horrible people who approached life as “screw everyone else as long as I get mine!” but in the past 20 years or so it’s gotten exponentially more pronounced in America. “Nobody cares, nothing matters, but it’s crucially important that my car is in front of yours when we both reach the red light at the same time.”


If I’m not in front, how can I coal roll you? Duh.


Ugh. That’s a real phrase people use, isn’t it?


Oh, you’re so lucky if you are asking that sincerely!
There are a few of these assholes in my town. I’ve seen them blast hybrid vehicles, cyclists, and just anyone with certain bumper stickers. It’s so gross.


I think what Trump and covid have made incredibly clear is that it’s not (just) a matter of personal selfishness (though there’s a lot of that, too), but conservative in-group/out-group thinking (which some have framed as a “caste” issue). What’s getting worse is how much more open they are about that, and how they’re not just advancing the interests of the in-group and being hostile to the interests of the out-group, but engaging in more active malevolence against the out-group. There’s real desires for harm there, which are openly voiced in ways they haven’t been for a while.

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