Fuck Today, Continued

I think the number of people who care would shock you. This feels like the same kind of people who think people really notice a 2% increase in sound quality when you use a different kind of wire (I’m not debating the merits of wire quality and sound, just that the average user isn’t going to notice/care).


I don’t want to drive that fast- but I want to own my car. Not rent it in perpetuity.


Agreed. The fact that this is a subscription thing is awful.


Three former Sharon Hill Police officers who fired into a crowd outside a high school football game in 2021, killing 8-year-old Fanta Bility, were sentenced to five years’ probation on Friday during a crowded hearing in Media.

Brian Devaney, 43, Sean Dolan, 26, and Devon Smith, 35, had pleaded guilty late last year to 10 counts each of reckless endangerment in the August 2021 shooting that killed the child and wounded three others. In so doing, they avoided more serious charges of manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter.


The coronation programming starts at 5:30am EDT, so my mission is to reconnect the VCR and set it to record. (I think mom mainly wants to see Lisa LaFlamme rather than Charlie 3)

Connecting the VCR inline between the digital cable box and the TV was only mind-melting. The true horror was going down to the basement to get an old tape to record over. None of the boxes matched the tape within, and the tape cartridges have no marking of their capacity. I had to pick a tape that looked “six hourish” at SLP. (Apparently a blank one, so the Queen Mom’s funeral and Enter the Dragon were spared from overwrite.)

After I could torrent Black Adder, Red Dwarf and Babylon 5, I pitched all my tapes. Too bad, at least with all mine the box matched the tape.


Ah, VHS roulette!


The protest drew many well-known characters of the anti-monarchy movement, including Patrick Thelwell, 23, who was found guilty last month of a public order offence for throwing five eggs at the king during a visit to York. “I’ve absolutely not brought any eggs,” he said. “My parole officer tells me counter-terrorism is following me.”

The human rights activist Peter Tatchell and Paul Powlesland, the lawyer who was threatened with arrest when holding up a blank piece of paper after the death of the queen, were also in the crowd.


It’s amazing how that, or a blank sign, always gets a deeply hostile reaction.



6 and counting.


Equine Ambulance?

But that only goes to Horse Hospital… :pleading_face:


Why in the fuck did the manager not throw these assholes out when they were treating his employee like shit.


We don’t accept confederate money- it has no value.

Go stank up some other restaurant.


Yeah, seriously… The confederate gear is bad enough, but the treatment of the server should have gotten the manager to step in and had them leave.


I hope that other customers spoke up. Maybe the guy was scary or some such- but the manager needs to know that I won’t go somewhere with the staff being abused like that.

Or having to see that racist display. No Union - no service.


You’d hope so, but I don’t know that anyone did while it was happening. It sounds like they just let these fuckers come in, treat the waiter like he was beneath them, and then refuse to tip the guy… I think the manager took the waiter aside and asked him if he minded waiting on that table and to “let him know” if anything bad happened. I’m guessing it’s a shitty, useless manager, since at one point the poor guy was outside crying… So, not unlike many managers who run franchises like that… the bottom line is all that matters.

Another fucked up part is that it was not supposed to be his table - he took it for a white woman who had just had a big table (which is pretty typical among servers). I doubt that they would have abused her like that.

Ugh, this has me raging out. Racist assholes.


The manager should be fired for how he didn’t handle this.


lady gaga applause GIF

But I’m sure he’ll get praise from corporate for making sure this “didn’t escalate”…


Having read the article, yes.
For letting obvious racist assholes into the restaurant.
For putting the Black server in that position.
For letting the abuse continue unchecked.

Asshole needs to get fired.


yeah, the buzzfeed article has more info

it sounds like eventually a co-worker took over, the owner left early despite seeing the problem, the company plans to have a “meeting”, the employee intends to sue for being put in that situation

( they eventually called the cops in when it looked like the people were lingering in the parking lot waiting for the employee to come out :confused: )