Fuck Today (Part 1)

Ugh. I’m sorry. I really hope that you do find something similar soon. And at least you have good references from your landlord.

BTW, I’ve never heard of banks just discontinuing a mortgage. It’s this common where you live?


The rest of the world does not have 30 year mortgages, more like 5 years and you get a new one after that, lather, rinse, repeat.

ETA wikipedia has good info actually. So maybe they just can’t afford the payments on the rental property and can’t refinance or some such.


I haven’t heard of it before, but I’m not familiar with German law. Normally a tenant has a lot of rights and we should have at least three months before we have to leave (presuming they aren’t able to continue the mortgage somehow), but it’s quite annoying. I was actually going to build a sauna in the basement this year too (we want this to be the first winter without serious lung problems for our son, and he is getting stronger).


Well, I didn’t think 30, but more like a 15 yr. based upon reasonable housing prices and salaries (not the American way of buying something way out of one’s league). I guess I was thinking that the mortgage life expectancy was tied to the maturation of the full loan.

It seems like a bit of a pyramid scheme, if people are getting mortgages and there are no realistic chances to pay them off.


I’ve just had an SSD fail on me. I’m almost certain it has been faking it’s S.M.A.R.T. data too.

Nothing critical has been lost, it’s just used as a fast drive for games. It’s still annoying.


Although we could probably push for a longer period, this will probably be a lot quicker than I’d expected. If our landlord can’t sell the house quickly, it could be auctioned off by the bank and they’d probably lose a lot of money. It kind of sucks for him - he’s pushing 60 now and I guess the bank doesn’t consider him to be worth the risk of another 10 year mortgage. It’s a shame - they’re a great family and he and his dad built the house for his sister, but she divorced and left and the house has been a lot of trouble for them since then (not the building itself - it’s built very well). In any case, he’s just tired and kind of wishing that they’d made different choices earlier on in life.

So basically, we need to think about moving this month if possible. This is going to be a headache, and everywhere we’ve seen so far has been smaller, farther from work and school and more expensive. We’ll also have to spend the next month vacating different rooms as they get renovated, and making sure everything’s in a good condition for viewings. A month ago our landlord was saying not to worry about our lease running out in a year and a half; we could stay as long as we liked and treat the house as our own.


Can you buy it?


Not a chance, unfortunately - it’s probably going to go for almost half a million, and we were very lucky to be able to rent it at all (we’re paying €1300/month). They had a string of bad tenants up to the last one (a pastor and his wife), so they offered us the same reduced rent on the basis of their recommendation. It turns out that landlords who don’t care too much about money aren’t that common. Who knew?


And now you know why. :sweat:


Well, he’d still rather have good neighbours and tenants than the extra money from rental at the market rate, but that choice is being taken away from him to some degree. It’s annoying, because they’ve had the house for a long time and it’s gone up in value quite a bit since they built it. In theory they don’t have many assets though, because it’s valued at the original price (I may be getting this wrong as this is second hand information). In any case, he can’t talk reasonably to someone in charge of the bank they’ve been with for 40 years because their eligibility is decided by an algorithm.


Not a Fuck Today, but an


The First Amendment allows for Colin Kaepernick to legally protest peacefully, by choosing not to stand for the national anthem, and wearing doo-rags that depict cartoons of police officers as pigs during practice.

It does NOT allow for police officers to act like butthurt little bitches about his protest, by trying to have him sanctioned for exercising his 1A rights, or to threaten to not do their fucking jobs.

That is all.


The very much right-wing AfD (the platform can be described as anti-islam and anti-immigration) will have the second largest fraction in the parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern according to the exit polls of today’s general election.

The sad thing is that Meck-Pomm has one of the lowest rate of foreign residents of all German states, xenophobia is strongest in places withour much outside contact (like the elections in Saxony-Anhalt half a year ago).

The AfD is now part of 9 of 16 regional parliaments, so far it is not likely that they will part of a government but the outlook is gloomy

eta: The Guardian covered it already


I lost track of my eating today and now I’m all out of sorts and I’ll probably be useless for the rest of the day. :frowning:


I hear ya. I ate probably a week’s quota of peanuts last night in a single sitting. (And this was shortly after eating a fistful of brazil nuts, four pieces of toast with cream cheese and basil, and a cucumber salad doused in olive oil. Mirtazapine is a helluva drug.)

Woke up this morning feeling borderline nauseated at the thought of eating. Coffee, please guide me through the morning.


I just gotta say, whenever I temporarily lose control of my eating it ends up with a tale of 60+ pancakes, or winning a taco eating contest. You guys are doing OK!

As God is my witness, I will never eat another pancake again. Also, “all you can drink” soda pop? I’m done, I drank all I can sometime around 1980.

I still like tacos, though, so I’m OK if Clinton wins the election.


That little stool is brave.


Hold the door! Hold the door!


I put it there to hold the door long enough for me to jump out of the way during the ten minutes I was evaluating if I could do anything to at least get the sumbich level.

Then I went in to check for someone on Home Advisor

Then I changed my mind and poured myself a healthy dram and said this weekend has been long enough already.


If finding an honest garage door company is as hard where you are as it is here, good luck to you.