Fuck Today (Part 1)

Puts my shit into perspective. Makes resetting people’s passwords, and calming down crying sous chefs who’ve accidentally deleted that one email with their grandma’s secret recipe seem mundane.


Devs = developers


Prod = production



Both are correct.


Good to know that I’m not completely clueless.



Don’t beat yourself up. I had to learn a lot of the vernacular jargon on the job. And I have a degree in Network, Windows and Linux support. Yes, you can get a degree in that. I think I may regret it till the end of my life.


Oh, I’m not; it’s just an novel experience for me to be in an online forum where I’m not surrounded by willful ignorance (and sometimes outright idiocy) at every turn.

I poke fun at myself because I don’t usually get to be “the ditzy one” in the crowd.



Ditzy? I’d describe you as simultaneously fun and prescient.

As far as I’m concerned you’re a happy mutant, one of us. Just a little wet behind the ears.

And if anyone’s the ditzy one around here it’s @japhroaig :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


[quote=“LDoBe, post:1164, topic:67518”]
Ditzy? [/quote]

Not in a bad way; I just mean that I had gotten used to being one of the few reasonably intelligent and rational people amid a sea of half literate hate-mongering extremists and psychologically warped drama queens.

Aww, thanks.

And let’s not talk about the places where a sister is “wet,” m’kay?




Oh, I spit double and triple entendres inadvertently all the time without even realizing it.

I’m the bisexualest straightman you’ll likely ever meet.


Those are the best ones, though…

*lmao @ :


(I wrote this last night)

A number of things are freaking me out quite a bit:

  • I was always told that I was a difficult child, but I have very little memory of this at all among the many memories of my early childhood. I always thought I was very polite, although I do remember other people acting strangely around me at times and always getting into trouble at home and school, which I generally saw as overreactions to lapses in concentration or misunderstandings. I have hardly any recollection of actual events that led to getting in trouble. I was described as either very good or terrible, but I don’t remember being terrible. Now I’ve learned that meltdowns really affect my short term memory, which isn’t good anyway (I did know that my working memory was bad, and put it down to ADHD-like symptoms).
  • While I expected my family to point it out if they had ever suspected that I was autistic, as of today I know that a few of them did suspect it but didn’t tell me. When I spoke with my wife about my suspicions a few months ago, she told me that she thought as much when she first met me, and just hasn’t told me for 16 years. My parents were the only ones in my immediate family who were sceptical, but they hadn’t looked it up and can recognise all of the symptoms now I’ve shared a few articles with them. I expected a lot more resistance to the idea, especially as my parents wouldn’t use the term lightly.
  • I found out this morning that I have some form of alexithymia. This may or may not be surprising to people who know me, but I find it really odd, yet true. Apparently it’s really common with autistic people, but looking at the comments on the article, shocked surprise doesn’t seem to be such a rare response to this revelation:

It’s like I just failed the Voight-Kampff test. I had expected to show a few mild signs and hear grudging acceptance or scepticism from family members, but now I see that it’s had a much more profound influence than I’d thought (while clearly not as serious as for many people).


the description of alexithymia seems like a “perfect match” for the many aspies I’ve known growing up (double whammy, I’m in Washington state, and we have an unusually high percentage of high-functioning ASD people here, probably second only to Silicon Valley and SF, and I had undiagnosed ADHD for a long time, so I ended up being educated with high functioning ASD kids as well, so I’ve become very familiar with a lot of the personality archetypes and symptoms). Seems like a very difficult problem to have.


It does explain why I always thought Data was the most human character in Star Trek though… :wink:


Or likely Spock, if you were older.


Ok, story time. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been sick with a cold. I’m pretty sure overnight some kind of malevolent fairy pours cement into my sinuses, and at the other end another fairy jack hammers it. Upon getting up this morning I felt worse than I had in the past two weeks. I took a couple of advil, used a sinus spray and jumped in a nice hot shower to let the steam do its thing. Bam, everything starts working together and I breathe through my nose again, the saints be praised. I was breathing so well, my nose so clear. And then …

And then I farted.

So bad.

So fucking bad.

I’m pretty sure I’m lucky I got out of there alive.


At least you were in the shower? I’m sorry. You got it checked out though right? Since it was longer than a week?

Maybe I should just shaddup and listen. That’s a weak point for me. I need to do that more, and try to offer up shitty zinc-linings while calling them silver less.


Spock was always a bit too cold and dismissive of human emotions for me. I find NTs fascinating, not inferior.


Eh, I’m not even sure I’m NT. I don’t know what’s so great about it. In some ways, I’m a 26 year old “man” who still can’t help but think like a child. I cling to black-and-white morality by way of a philosophy developed by other people. I have a hard time socially, but that’s also because I’m usually either extremely inhibited or disinhibited, depending on moment-to-moment emotional state, and what drugs I’ve taken for the social occasion (booze, weed, whether I forgot to take my modafinil or even a freaking ranitidine, because I just won’t stop whining if I have reflux.)


I used to work with a guy like this. Worst part was my boss was an enabler. She would hire him for 6 months at a time, and then lay him off and hire his brother, who was slightly less of a bag of assholes. The day he told me what his take home pay was when they caught up to him (3 diff women, 5 kids to support) I sort of had to laugh, as he was angry with the state AND NOT HIMSELF. He took off during the busy season one year, and left me totally drowning in work (at a salaried job, while he was always hourly). What a dickbag.

I’ve learned a lot about what a narcissistic constitution is, since then. These days I’d drop a dime to DCSS on that guy before my next heartbeat.

What a pile of shit for you to deal with. I am sorry for that part of your reality, but you sound like a heck of a strong person.


Sing it, sister. Sing it.