Fuck Today (Part 1)

He’s not so much “ditzy” as… trusting.

Way. Too. Trusting.


Wow that sucks. I was in a really toxic situation with my first husband’s ex for years. After spending way too many hours fixating on her, we finally just decided that for our sanity we would ignore the money issues that would never be full resolved, the shitty things she did - like move his two healthy kids clear across the country and enrolling them in school under their stepfather’s name without any conversation with him while also at the same time totally cutting ties her profoundly retarded son who was in a home which was paid for by state benefits which required one parent to be in the state but when she moved then there were no parents in the state. So she was awful. But we decided to just accept that she was not going to change and for the sake of the kids have as pleasant a relationship as possible once we realized that legally there was no recourse.

I think the adoption angle is a smart idea. That money’s gone.


pah. it will all be some bizzaro tiny phone sized thing we plug into the keyboard/screen shell and so completely alien to current tech by then. we will look back on the current stuff with both hate and fondness.


I’m asking to not get my name wrong. On a message board. When it’s right there. Don’t even have to type it out, you just hit the @ key above the two, start typing and it will pop up. So, I don’t know why I shouldn’t be at the very least annoyed about this.

Personally, I would be pissed if my kids teacher wasn’t getting my kids name right after a year. You should be proud of yourself for handling the situation with grace.


I have no problems with mistakes, like getting one’s name wrong. But I don’t like the lack of acknowledgement on the issue, as it’s disrepsectful.


Golden rule baby, golden rule :D. And the nice thing about the golden rule is there are no provisions preventing me from whining about shit when it doesn’t work out. :monkey:


I totally get it. I came onto this thread last night because damnitalltohell it was a bad day yesterday. But I didn’t want to explain why. Just coming to this thread and seeing how people are supported here when it’s a bad one was enough for me. I didn’t have to explain myself…it was enough to know that if I did, there would have been empathy.


I’m not IT, and I’ve heard that expression (and used it!) for similar situations. It’s probably regional, or something like that.


Preach it!


OK, seriously, are you my long-lost twin sister or something? Geez…we need a night at the bar to compare notes.


I thought you witches came in threes? :wink:

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What the hell do you mean by “by then”?


Until I can play Borderlands on the phone connected to at least a 17" screen… not quite yet.


I like you an awful lot, even when we wrangle ideas. I know I’ve referred to you as “mindy” in shorthand, and I sure will avoid that in future @Mindysan33 because that is simple respect. Please do PM me if it was me!


I know it’s off topic, but unfuck today. I just got offered my dream job back.


To the Victory thread with you!


I hope it wasn’t me, and I hope I didn’t pile on in an attempt to be funny. I’m a prankster, but if everyone can’t laugh I’m doing it wrong.


Ugh. Zimmerman.


I have often said this about teaching.

Yeah, mine is angry with me. Because how dare I make him look like a terrible parent?! How dare I make it look like he’s got a huge debt on his credit report?!

I’ve been pulling out this delightful karmic memory: the last time he wanted the child support order adjusted, I offered him a “no current support just pay the arrears” option. He refused and took me to court. He spent 20 minutes blathering at the judge about what a great dad he is, and how he cares so much, but his life is really hard right now and he needs the support reduced and I … just stood there and let him talk. Finally, he wound down and the judge turned to me. I told him I only cared about the arrears and would accept any amount of current support. He said “Will you accept $X?”. I said yes. He turned to my ex and said “Will you accept $X?” Exhole hems and haws and says “Well … I mean … I was hoping for [$amount substantially less than $X].”

Boom. Gavel down. Judge says “Support is set at $X.” The most beautiful example of “giving him enough rope to hang himself” I have ever been privileged to see. Mr. Bells took me to breakfast after the hearing and I laughed until I cried into my pancakes.

It actually looks like adoption only terminates a current support order and not arrearages. At least in California, where our divorce was final. I’ve got a request in to DCSS to confirm it before we go ahead.



appearance is everything… to those who don’t show up.

I lol’d. You’re a good storyteller!