Fungie the Dingle Dolphin is missing

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2020, man.


Sad news. Spent a lot of time on holiday in the Dingle area, usually well out on the peninsula. Its a magical little spot. Only saw Fungie a few times from a distance but he is quite the local celebrity. Life marches on but hope this is a premature report.


I suppose this is the only instance in which it’s sad there’s no fungie on your dingle.


He’s been gone a good while now, as Paddy Ferriter the old lighthouse keeper said “he has the ocean wide, he can go where he like”.


Oh, I am so sad! Went to Dingle on a tour in 2003 and saw Fungie. I got a carved stone dolphin there. Now I need to locate it and put it on my altar.


Huh. I read the headline and thought it was a euphemism for impotence.

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With a name like Fungie you’d think they could just swap in another Dolphin

Dolphins aren’t immortal so this day was always going to come eventually.

Or else he whistled, ‘So long and thanks for all the fish.’ and got off the planet as it is 2020 and he can hear approaching spaceship engines.


Thanks @thomdunn

There’s a title that’s just ripe for the picking: Fungie the Dingle Dolphin is missing

Here’s a being that has outlived many friends in a life that no human can imagine or survive

Constantly amazed by the flying and the swimming that is all around us

Reckon a bit more respect

I’m confused. I thought it was a pretty straight-forward headline, leaving just enough curiosity to appeal to the BoingBoing crowd who might not otherwise be familiar with long-beloved local ocean mammals. “Beloved Irish dolphin dies” might be overselling it, since we don’t exactly know what happened to him (as far as I’m aware). I was just going for broad appeal, and tried to show Fungie some love in the article itself.


Oh no! I was just commenting on some of the humorous responses to a situation that to me seemed worthy of a more emotional investment.

Ok I now see where I confused things

Thought I was being clever with a rhyme but also making a joke about the way your title could be read by some as ‘ripe’ for a lot of dick jokes.

On seeing the videos I saw a lot of heart and by no means wanted to be commenting in a flippant voice. Wanted to give respect to Fungie and what he/she meant to people.

Absolutely no judgement here on your title… was actually crying as I wrote this and wandering why this story is so emotional to me.

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