Furniture mover intentionally injures himself by jumping in front of kid on scooter

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Turns out some people are really un cool.

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apart from the kids knowing a faker when they see one, and so blithely continue scooting…

why the fuck are they allowed to be in the way? Seems like a good way to get your dumb kid hurt, and then it’s still moving guy’s fault.

Go play somewhere else for an hour FFS.


Looked like he was a little stoned, or drunk, or just really tired.

Firsty’s on Christ What an Asshole

You mean, why are they trying to get attention?

Because they are children. It’s what children do.


I’d be pretty annoyed, if I was trying to work, and some kids kept skating by getting in the way. But I wouldn’t fake an injury to make my point. I might mention to the dad that it’d be easier and faster to move, and a lot safer, if the kids were elsewhere for an hour or two.


Wow, guy is totally an asshole and deserves nothing.

But F these kids. If I was trying to load stuff and these kids were riding circles around me like this and the parents were just letting it happen I’d be pissed. Have some respect for someone doing work for you and let them have their space to do their job. We’ve got more than one asshole involved here.


I’m sure he didn’t show up at the site thinking “I’m going to cheat the system”. He was annoyed by the fact that the children repeatedly interfered with their work, and realistically could have easily caused an accident similar to the one shown here. Also, if your child knocks someone over while on a scooter, and then just scoots away, they are an asshole (sorry, but not sorry - teach your kids some empathy and manners!)


And parents regulate them. That’s what parents do.

Don’t get me wrong, dick move by the mover. But I had a couch delivered to my house last weekend, and of course my kids wanted attention from the delivery guys. I made them go upstairs. It’s simple courtesy, not to mention it helps keep everyone safe.


Because we all know that young children have the skills required to determine if a medical emergency is fake and respond accordingly? Sheesh, kids should have compassion try to get help, even if they are skeptical!

so, you had the ‘right’ answer to your question already?

I mistook that as an actual question, you must be an amazing parent!!

As a former professional mover I wholeheartedly endorse the sentiment “Get Your Kids Out of the Fucking Way”

I was pretty much a little stoned for every job I ever did, for about five years. I worked for a highly-rated, award winning company (that also paid me well above industry standard.)

We called it “taking a safety meeting.”


… or a don’t give two shits, apparently. Why did they have to keep orbiting around while loading was in progress? Just common sense, even for adolescents.


So, guy with a pool and marble counters hires low-wage day labor without vetting them and then catches him out in a scam when his butthole kids nearly cause an actual accident. He must have been very satisfied with the footage. He validated a lot of prejudices that day.


Team no one. Those kids are being raised as right shitheels, too.

  1. I didn’t ask a question.

  2. I’m a mediocre parent. Not letting your kids be a nuisance when people are trying to work is pretty basic stuff.


And adults tell them to “Stay out of the driveway while we’re moving this stuff.” or, “Go over to Peter’s house and play batman or some shit, or go play some video games where I’m not yelling at you to stop for once. Just get the hell out of here for an hour or you’re going to clean your room on Saturday.”, or “I am calling your drunk mother over to the house to beat you until you understand the spanish that means, ‘these goddamn kids almost ran me over’, if you don’t make yourself scarce.”


Then be an adult and ask the parents to corral them, not fake an accident.

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