Futurama: all the characters, illustrated


*called Unrellius, or “who goes by Unrellius”, or username Unrellius. Not named. Unless her/his mom really had a thing for heavy metal and a dislike of surnames.

I mean, thank God there were no InCaps in that name or you’d have had Dr. Ow come down on you for freely supporting a personal brand…

btw, nice picture and thankfully downloadable for closer inspection.

Now I have to buy a new monitor big enough to use this as wallpaper.

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Ok, I give up. Just where is Waldo?

Surely it’s up to the artist themself to decide what exactly they are named, be that name ‘Unrellius’ or anything else.

To name or to nickname are actions one does to another, not reflexively. One may assume an alias, choose a byline, or craft a nom de plume–but when the passive voice or participle is used, as in “named XYZ”, it implies that one was not the architect of one’s own initials.

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