Futurama's Zapp Brannigan reads things Donald Trump has said


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I feel like the person who created this left that last bullet and paragraphing smaller on purpose, and I hate them for it.


Things you expecially can’t use borrowed money to buy.


I gotta say these really sound like something the Zappster would actually have said.


Poor Kif. But at least he has more integrity than Trump’s spokespeople.

 * sighs and rolls eyes *




Man.These really drive home something we don’t mention enough about Trump:

He’s really fucking dumb.

Much is made about his temperament, but he doesn’t have the fucking intellect for the job. I don’t think the President needs to be Stephen Hawking or anything, but god damn. People said Bush was dumb, but at least you didn’t half expect him to explain how Brawndo is what plants crave at any moment.


Yeah, scary, isn’t it?


He does intend to do away with the FDA, so, that could be a thing.

I agree. He’s said some phenomenally stupid things. After four of these, I had to stop.




Zapp is more qualified to be President than Don. And I don’t mean “Zapp, if he were alive in the real world”. I mean “Zapp, the series of animated images”.


I dunno, there’s one or two where I thought “even he wouldn’t be that much of a smeghead”


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