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Me too. Did you go to the back room at Judgement Day (and not just when Lenny Dee was there)?

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Awww. A good friend of mine who passed away several years ago was super into Gabber. Fantastic memories.

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I know the Judgement Day lot very well. Newcastle never let go of Gabber, it’s alive and well here still, if occasionally dormant. Judgement Day, Fuelled By Hate, Backlash, etc etc. Good times. Lenny Dee was on a couple of months back, though I cried off, as my body cannot go 'pon de rave no more, sadly. Saw him the time before that though. Lenny is a good lad and an absolute mensch.
(ETA: It’s nearly past the yardarm, I’ll be pissed soon as no work tomorrow. LINK PARTY!!!)

I used to know Smurf and the Geordie Gabba Mafia, as well as Al Twisted and Boony from Twisted/Resistance in Edinburgh.

I stopped going out to places that played hardcore about twelve years ago when I transitioned, on the advice from some people as there was a danger of violent transphobia. I always wished I could have found some way to make it work and kept on going.

I owe Al Twisted £20, I still feel bad about not paying him back.

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No shit? Those folks are my very good friends. You know Don and Addie as well? I’d honestly be surprised these days in the remains of the NCL hardcore scene if you were griefed. We’re all communists and pinkos. The last Lenny Dee event I went to was at the Globe, which is run by Vicky Vegas, and I’d certainly hope she and her crew would stand for absolutely none of that kind of shit. Not Gabber, but Don et al are putting this on in may:
Last MTC I went to was the Horrorist last year, Glenn did a classic Smurf set, along with other Old Faithfuls.
There’s still Goodgreef regularly in the Toon, which is more Hard House, but Distorted have a room there playing the Good Stuff, and I’d hope that the Hard House crew would be cool too, given its big Queer/LGBT etc following here (I used to love Nice at Rockshots, always good fun, especially with the likes of Lisa Lashes on), but I do understand that there’s some weird shit goes on in all that, but speaking as your stereotypical ‘Easiest Setting Player’, I’m in no real position to say. The people I know who still promote Gabber/Hard Techno/Fucking Whatever would fight like wolves if they thought that people were getting hassle for who they were at their events, it’s why it will always have a special place in my heart.

Yup. Drunk now.

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I knew Don and Addie, but not as well as Glenn.

I wasn’t griefed at the time, It was more a feeling that some people would take the news badly, which was shared by a few other people I asked (including Glenn). I left the scene with the intention of going back after I had transitioned, but I got chased out of Carlisle first, then I got CFS.

I have an odd relationship with hard house. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t, and I haven’t worked out why. I always preferred techno though, whether it was hardcore or detroit or anything else.

It’s good to know ther scene has moved on though. I might stay in Newcastle when I visit my family (I still get PTSD when I spend more than a day there), and go out one night.

You can’t get drunk and listen to Hardcore without this

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