Gallery of poor design choices




Wondered how Radcliffe ended up drinking antifreeze
I assume that it was packaged similar to this.

I recall that Fabuloso caused similar confusion.


I would like to see this sign become a standard.


It’s funny you’re wondering though, since the article explains exactly how he ended up drinking it…


Did not RTFA - need some mystery in life…


I always liked Fabuloso brand cleaning products.
Is it a cleanser or a fruit drink?


The “N” is silent.


I suppose these cleaners are from countries with lax labeling laws? No skull-and-crossbones required?


From the Journal of Pediatrics:
Fabuloso: A Cleaning Product That Tastes and Smells Good Enough to Drink


You want a gallery of poor design choices? Here’s your gallery of poor design choices


First thought on seeing that image on that car;

“Ooh, boingboing are covering Aphex Twin’s new album, neat!”



It’s like they are begging for children to drink these.


Damn, now I will have to explain to my wife why I am counting the minute marks on clocks…


the article BB links to credits them as the original source.


Ah, see, this is a mistake common to many inexperienced visitors to our dimension. Crenquis used what is known as the Past tense — “wondered” — which is used to refer to events that happened in the past, whereas you’re using a tense — “wondering” — which refers to events or circumstances that are continuing from the past, through what we like to think of as the present, and sometimes into the future.

The subtleties of language here are such that most users would understand that crinquis meant that they had been wondering, until they saw that picture.

I know linear time can be quite a tricky concept for beings from your realm, but with practice I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.


I’ve grabbed this out of the grocery bag thinking it was Pam (or other cooking spray)


In his book Carrying the Fire Michael Collins discusses an aircraft which had ejection instructions printed on the canopy. Step 1 was eject canopy


Looks more like a desert topping…




I live near J.F.K, chuckled at it many times.