Gas Station Encounters is a YouTube channel about crimes, cons, hijinx, and high weirdness in gas station stores

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Nope, narrator is much too annoying. I guess he’s having fun with his crappy job, so that’s a plus.


in the early 80s i worked at a gas station/convenience store where i had the manager from hell–but that’s a different story. anyway, we rented tv sets and vcrs, i know i’m talking about obsolete technology but that’s part of the charm don’t you think, anyway this guy came in and rented a combo of tv/vcr which required a ton of paperwork to carry out. we had to get pretty much full drivers license info plus two credit cards plus a utility bill showing the same mailing address as the license. it generally took 30 minutes to do all the paperwork and verifications to rent one out which made us, the employees, somewhat loath to do it, but he had all his paperwork and stuff straight (btw comparing the utility bill address to the license address was selected deliberately to keep college students from renting them) so off he went.

about two hours later he comes back complaining that the system wasn’t working. i told him i wasn’t a technician and since he had had it for so long i wasn’t sure if i could refund his money. his girlfriend asked if they could just swap out this pair for another so i looked in the back and there was another tv but not another vcr. he asked if they could hook it up and make sure it worked before it left. i thought, “well, why not?” so he did. she went out to the car and brought in a vhs tape to play and it worked. it worked so well i could clearly see her giving a blow job to a man while in the background there were a couple kissing, one of who seemed to be the guy renting it. the camera moved and pulled back and before they could hit the stop button i could see the guy she was going down on was one of my professors from the college.

we didn’t say much but i changed the serial number on the form for the tv, wrote a note that i taped to the other tv saying it needed repair, they went their merry way, and i completed my end of shift checklist so i could leave. good times, good times.

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The one with the runaway pick up looked dangerous, if only because the Good Samaritan appeared to be a black guy in a gas station parking lot. That might not have ended well.

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You completed your checklist? Sweet!


One day a fellow came into my ER at about 6:00am He needed a couple stitches in his hand. His story was “someone tried to rob me at the gas station. I am a blackbelt in blahblahblah and broke his arm.” There was rolling of eyes, but the fellow was pleasant, so who cares if his story is true? We begin numbing and washing out his laceration.

A few minutes later, a police officer comes in and says "hey, I just watched the video - the patient totally took away a thief’s knife, and then broke his arm with a crazy karate move. The thief ran away with his arm all flopping around. "

Working at an ER is fun, but perhaps working at a gas station is even more amazing?


Oops! Wrong “Bambi” video.


Neil: Is that true, Bambi? Did you do a Disney nasty?|

Bambi: So what if I did? I’m not apologizing. My life collapsed after “Bambi”. I was a lovable faun alright, unusable for anything else. I took the Babycham stuff, sure, thanks to Mike here, but I was finished. When the porn “Bambi” came along, well, I thought, this is where I get something back…If it hadn’t been for the chance to present University Challenge and start a new life, I’d be giving executive relief to woodland creatures to this very day.


My main learning is that this store does not call the cops to prosecute.

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