Gays blamed for immoral 'tight pants' by church leader




Hhahe…“Governing Body Member” A title he takes quite seriously.


Tight pants are a violation of the comfort law, and the proper blood circulation statute.

As for immoral? Guess it depends on your individual moral code.

My moral code says pajammy pants.


But not past noon…


I am laid off from work right now, so the pajammy rule is in effect for longer than normal :wink:


Dear Mr. Morris,

Don’t like tight pants? Don’t wear tight pants.
Don’t like homosexuals? Don’t have sex with another man.
Don’t like being told to go away and leave me alone? Don’t knock on my door at 6am.

A Completely Reasonable Person


Anytime I think of this organization I always think of prime piece of Brooklyn real estate that could be better utilized. They could raise a whole lot of money by selling it and just move out to Oklahoma, I don’t think it would impact their operation at all.


Late at night the “tight pants” call to him…



Keep your eyes on that prize, pastor.


“It’s not appropriate. It’s not sound of mind,” says the guy who’s wearing a noose around his neck all day.



I’m personally not a fan of tight pants(uncomfortable, makes having Copious Pockets more difficult); but I just can’t take people bloviating about the gay conspiracy seriously.

If you think that some slick marketing and a fashion conspiracy or two will seduce people into the homosexual lifestyle I just can’t help but wonder if you actually know what being straight is like… Fine by me if you in fact aren’t; but just a helpful hint: unless you at least lean into bisexual, a little propaganda Isn’t Going To Work. (If anything, I’d expect ‘conversion therapy’ aimed at producing more gays for the homosexual conspiracy would be no more effective than the usual flavor, even if it adopted the same level of coercive brutality).


And here I was told droopy pants were the sign of “the gays”…


And just for the record:

What’s interesting about that urban legend is that the “saggy pants” thing started because “tough on crime” types didn’t care enough about the wellbeing of prisoners to make sure they had clothes that fit properly and didn’t trust them enough to let them wear belts. Now the same people who originally helped create the saggy pants trend are spreading the rumor that it’s a gay thing.


If they seriously believe the end of the world is coming they should have no problem relinquishing all earthly possessions.


I wish this sort of thing happened more often in the news. If your organization is known for violence, fraud, theft, deception, harassment, etc. then that should be part of the official description, not just approved PR phrases.


Somebody needs to tell Jimmy Fallon that he is h-e-double-hockey-sticks bound!


The answer is clear: pants are the problem. Ban pants!


Righto! Kilts for everyone, and a mandatory badger sporin to boot! (My wife would actually be okay with this)